If you would ask Christian Watson in what time he has preferred to live, his answer would probably be in the 20th century. Christian calls himself a hefty advocate for the period between the end of the nineteenth and the beginning of the twentieth centuries. This time era of industrialization deeply characterized him and his ways of living. He seems to be obsessed with the heritage and traditional craftsmanship, which also reflects his work.

Christian truly is a unique character standing out from the rest; He is multidisciplinary creative behind his agency 1924.us, he is a collector, illustrator, photographer, adventurer and storyteller but there is much more to know about Christian Watson.


How it all started

Christian is originally from a small town in Virginia. Later he moved to Myrtle Creek, Oregon – a beautiful place surrounded by forest, mountain valleys and crossed by wild rivers. This place and the childhood he spent there had an enormous impact on Christian, on his work and everything he does. He studied architecture in Boston but decided to pursue a life in design and art. Christian now lives in Portland, Oregon and founded his design studio 1924.us in 2009.

“Since I was young, I’ve had this ambition and level of creativity, it’s got something to do with my imagination and growing up in a wooded little area in Southern Oregon, when it’s nothing but rain and fog outside, you have to think of something, and so think I did. Drawing, design, photography, building, all of these things have interested me and been in my practice either since I was a young child or a young teenager, as I have evolved, I have always wanted a loud platform to share it on!”Christian Watson | Source: 1924.us

The Story behind 1924.us

What originally started from a small blog has transformed into the lifestyle-focused website called dedicated to the so-called “early-era livers.” An old pocketbook inspired the name 1924 that Christians grandparents gave him to support his passion for history.  Over the years and through his design work, 1924.us became a small branding agency which dedicates to the original practices of early 1900 throughout everything the small team around Christian is doing; whether branding or design, from photography to writing or archiving and collecting antique objects.

Throughout his travels and excursions, he has accumulated all these historical pieces and it’s his way to preserve and keep a physical relationship with the early era as an essence of their work.

“Our mission is to capture the many senses of wonders that exist and flourish in today’s world, to add to ourselves a sense of value through days of old, using rigorous techniques that have helped shape the foundations of mankind for over a century.”Christian Watson | Source: 1924.us

Christian has created a world of his own and he has become a product of his own. He is extremely passionate about everything he does; he is traveling the globe as a journeyman with a strong bond to the outdoors and wonders of nature. Everything he does, whether his artworks, photographs or storytelling, is highly appealing, authentic and heartfelt. Everything that surrounds him becomes the central theme of his artistic expression full of character and life – from his tattoos to his vintage clothes and his motorbike.

Following 1924.us is like escaping from the modern and technology filled world for a second or two. It feels like traveling back into the time of the early era and its values that Christian strives to live on. With his authenticity and his open-hearted storytelling, the creative mind has taken Instagram by storm and has built a community around him and his unique way of living. Up to this point. Christian has decided just recently to shut down his Instagram Account with over 600.000 Followers. Even though, Christian shared every detail of his life and everything he did seemed to be so perfect through his posts, even tho he tried to be authentic as much as he could with everything he shared on Social Media, he still didn’t feel that it was himself. Christian seems to be in a constant battle with the modern world and its time-consuming technologies that helps him to gain attention but also distracts him from preserving his own values from an almost forgotten era time. Probably the best way to understand his decision is to read his statement on his blog. Here’s a short quote from it:

“This isn’t some cut at the crowds of kind people who followed and heard and really saw themselves in the truth of my work, it’s more an honest review of the darker side of what was going on while so many were clicking like and follow. “Christian Watson | Source: 1924.us

Christian just got engaged with his beautiful girlfriend Elle-May and there are still countless adventures waiting for him and 1924.us, even without Social Media you can still follow his tracks maybe in an, even more, authentic way. We are sure that there are more exciting things to come from one of the most talented and ambitious artist out there. We will definitely follow him and keep you updated.


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