As we unfold new and inspiring stories on a weekly basis, we came across some of the most amazing creatives, people who started their own business and presented their creative work on social media. There are many inspiring stories and every single one is unique. In the end, it’s always worth following your dreams and with passion, consistency and hard work everything is possible. Having a creative outlet can often help you through better or worse and give life a deeper meaning. All of that applies to Michigan based artist Kristen Drozdowski who under the moniker Worthwhile Paper creates amazingly beautiful and lively screen printed paper goods. Her whimsical hand-lettering and illustrations are a minimalistic ode to nature, plants, sky, humans, animals and Kristen’s work are filled with positivity and love.

These are just some reasons why we had to find out more about her story and how creativity made her overcome even harder times. Let’s guide you into the world of a young mother, a talented artist, and entrepreneur – a story that is absolutely worth your while.

At a very young age, when for the first time Kristen’s creative side aroused, she soon got frustrated by learning how to use markers and paints because of her left-handedness. But that didn’t stop her from pursuing her passion for writing and drawing. Despite these challenges, she kept on practicing and being creative. Back in high school, she got her first design job and soon after Kristen decided to go to college for graphic design. She got her first internship screenprinting posters where she also met her boyfriend. The two started making posters together because they both shared a love for design and prints. On the side, Kristen was doing freelance design. She got into the wedding industry and ventured into creating more calligraphy and lettering art. She found joy in doing smaller things and eventually decided to make her own line of smaller art prints and paper goods.

From there on a whole new passion for hand-lettering took over and the two started selling their work at local craft fairs. Kristen also started doing custom design work for invitations and store products for “Rock Paper Scissors” as their first stockist. Eventually, in around 2014, her own business dubbed Worthwhile Paper was born. First, the couple was selling their work through Etsy and then one year later Kristen launched her own website.

“The word “Worthwhile” has multiple meanings to us. It’s about the process of making. It’s also about the process of living. In one sense, the work of designing by hand with paper and all of the steps involved in screen printing take much effort, resources, trial & error, experience and time, but the beautiful resulting print is worth the work.”Kristen & Steve | Source:

Her own little business was born out of her joy of the written note, the love of printmaking, the look and feel of a hand-made design, the contagious energy of spreading good vibes. In the first place, it was about making art for herself and the practice of making an illustration or writing really helped Kristen to deal with her anxiety. Drawing inspiration from nature but also mindfulness and just overall awareness was something she wanted to deliver through her work.

“A lot of my art is a reflection of myself and my own healing processes through art—things that make me happy. When I make something, I envision it being in my life first.”Kristen Drozdowski | Source:

Three Fun Facts about Kristen

  • Kristen says that she never has broken a bone or got stung by a bee.
  • She can lick her elbow even though a lot of sources say it’s physically impossible.
  • She loves the plots of horror movies but she can’t watch them because they give her super stressful nightmares.

From out of their plant-filled studio the now married couple creates thoughtfully handmade prints. While her husband Steve is in charge of screenprinting and distribution, Kristen is mostly busy with designing, updating the website, her blog and social channels. Each print is based on original hand-lettering and illustrations and is printed using earth-friendly recycled papers and water-based inks. Every item is assembled and created with love featuring a unique blend of nature and minimalism. All of Worthwhile Paper’s lively paper goods aim to bring positivity and love into the world. We did not only get the chance to shed some light on Kristen’s story, it’s also a great inspiration on how art and spreading positivity can change our lives and encourage others to make their dreams come true. Follow Worthwhile Paper on Instagram and make sure to visit their website for some lovely art prints.


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