If you should ever click your way through the profile of mom bloggers, we’re sure you’ll find yourself pausing once you stumble upon the profile of Amelia “Emmy” Jones, as it is pleasantly different from many other accounts. The young mother of three shares impressions of her family life with more than 135.000 followers. Her images convey many positive emotions but we think that one describes them best: calmness. There isn’t much that would throw Emmy off the track and it seems like she enjoys every part of having a family, even if it’s the stressful moments of having three kids, a thriving social media account, and online shop. Let’s take a closer look at the young family from Utah.

Mom Emmy, Dad Josh, and the three children Leo, Sailor, and Jonas form a family of five. Add Nora, their Hungarian Vizsla to the picture, and there you have a perfectly happy family. 29-year-old Emmy convinces us with her many images from both special and everyday situation, leaving us with a feeling of strong family ties, the pure joy of being a child and simple, unburdened togetherness. She talks about small and big moments from school, kindergarten and from home. As her kids were all born about three years apart from each other, nearly all stages of childhood are being covered in one family. You can read about newborn babies and little school kids. For readers, not only the perfect mix of ages is appealing but also that Amelia has both boys and a girl. Almost any parent that makes it to her Instagram account will find something or someone to identify with.

Emmy doesn’t only allow us to sneak peeks into the happy and joyful life of her kids, but also let us tag along on her journey of pregnancy. Just recently, we got to witness her pregnancy with now newborn Jonas in beautiful images that also included her bigger kids and their reactions to having another baby.

Despite her atmospheric photographs, Emmy doesn’t act as if she has a perfect life – in her captions, she also talks about phases in her pregnancy when she found it hard to motivate herself or about difficult times in everyday life. But still, for her readers, Emmy seems to be a person that does it all, as her Instagram account, her blog, and her beautiful family aren’t everything she fills her days with. There is more.

From her own wedding dress to car seat covers – as Emmy was never able to find what she was looking for in stores, she always got creative herself. When she posted an image of one of her self-made projects, the reactions on social media were huge which is why Emmy decided to found her own online shop called Mae Woven, selling textiles and lifestyle products. While it started off as a hobby, Mae Woven is now a full-time job for Emmy. All the products offered in the stores are perfectly unagitated, made of feel-good materials and work great in monochrome-minimalistic surroundings. The soft textiles and pretty basket bags are often part of Emmy’s images where they blend in perfectly with the soft and calm motives.

Even though Emmy doesn’t talk about it much, we’re impressed by her. With only 29 years of age, Emmy is very happily married with three joyful and fanciful kids and runs a thriving business. We’re delighted that she lets us be a part of her natural and awesome self and hope that she will keep offering us a little escape from everyday life with her atmospheric family photography.


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