The sneaker culture has grown into a huge market over years and major brands are releasing new kicks on a weekly basis. And today it often seems hard to follow up, what started out with a small community has grown into a mainstream market. Men have been dominating the sneaker game in the last years, but girl power is definitely on the rise more than ever and it´s hard not to come across these young and influential female bloggers. One of them definitely is the Amsterdam based sneakerhead Sanne Poeze better know for her feminine streetwear infused blog Girl on Kicks.

Sannes career is a great example when following your dreams and turning your passion into a fulltime job is the best choice. We wanted to find out more about how it all started and what the online creative is up to today.

Hailing from a small town not far away from Amsterdam sneaker culture wasn´t a big thing at that time. Sanne was always very creative and she was wearing sneakers for most of her youth but the first time that she really caught up with the sneaker culture was at the age of 17. At that time the Nike Air Max 1 “Leopard Beast” released and Sanne was hooked instantly. She just had to get her hands on a pair of these very limited kicks. Unfortunately, they were sold out, but she managed to get a pair on eBay. From that day on her venture into sneaker world started with no signs of stopping and over the years she stacked up an impressive collection of rare and thought after footwear grails.

Since Sanne was always a very creative personality, she moved to Amsterdam where she studied Graphic Design. She started working full time in retail as an assistant at the Nike but soon felt that her creativity was left behind. By that time Sanne was already following a few fashion/personal style blogs and she was often missing a certain urban, streetwear and sneaker influence. As a way to get her creativity rolling and fill the gap with more feminine and sneaker related content, so she started her own blog, Girl on Kicks.

“A blog where I could show what’s inside my ever-expanding sneaker closet, which new releases excite me and why. And last but not least, give inspiration on how to style your outfits with sneakers in a feminine way.”Sanne Poeze | Source:

Art direction for the ‘Logo Craze’ editorial created with Photographer Wayta Patmo and Makeup Artist Emmy Klomp.

Sanne wanted to deviate her self from the typical girly-fashion blogs with a focus on her personal style and her love for the sneaker culture. What started out as a little project that she was running on the side soon became a serious business. In 2015, Sanne decided to quit her full-time job to focus on blogging and working in freelance entirely. Not only her clean, refreshingly colorful outfits which indeed always perfectly match her kicks but also her conceptual and graphic design infused editorials amazed a broad readership from both women to men. She also attracted more and more brands with her style-savvy blog and her a huge passion for sneakers.

“As I’ve always felt like ‘one of the guys’ I actually never had problems like people not taking you seriously etc. I do sometimes feel like men are surprised by the amount of knowledge I actually have on sneakers.”Sanne Poeze | Source:

Girl on Kicks x adidas Lookbook Photography Juliane Falk | Styling Princess of Dopeness and Girl on Kicks | Make-up Princess of Dopeness 

With Girl on Kicks, Sanne made her dreams come true by doing what she loves the most. Drawing inspiration from photographers, illustrators, visual artists, designers she loves to work together with brands and other creatives to realizing noteworthy projects. Sanne just recently moved into her own little office on the canals of Amsterdam. Over the years her work expanded from blogging to shooting (and styling) editorials, sneaker/streetwear consulting and giving social media strategy advice. What started out with an unbridled passion for sneakers has grown into a full-time job and we are more than happy that Sanne followed her dreams to inspire us with her outstanding work. So make sure to follow her on Instagram and visit Girl on Kicks.



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