Another newcomer from Berlin attached our attention this month and we don’t want to keep this person back from you of course. This is the place at Le Buzz where we showcase some of our favorite up-and-coming influencers, whose creativity deserve a visit, a like and then a follow. One of those talents is beautiful Amelie from Romania. Raised in Italy, the 24-year-old moved to Berlin almost one year ago. We wanted to get some more information about her passion for fashion and contacted Amelie.

Just introduce yourself first.

Hello, I am Amelie and I am 24 years old. I come from Italy but moved to Berlin last year. I have always been in love with this city and after finishing my studies I finally managed to move here.

Why did you choose Berlin?

I think Berlin is the place to be right now for fashion. The industry here is open to new inputs and creativity and it is a really dynamic place where I get new inspirations from.

How and when did you figure out your passion for fashion?

I honestly remember forcing my grandma to take pictures of the outfits I was combining from my mum’s closet when I was five years old. Fashion has always been my favorite way to express my personality and I cannot think of myself working in a different field.

You are working as a Digital Brand Strategist. Tell us a bit more about it.

To work as Digital Brand Strategist means helping other entrepreneurs to build their own online identity. In practice, because nowadays most online interactions happen on social media, it is a lot about creating engaging content that is interesting for their target audience, but at the same time tells a very personal story. I have also started to collaborate with other creative people as a stylist, to help them create outfits for their own projects (for example music videos and fashion photo shots).

How does a typical workday look like?

I don’t have a very typical workday, every day is different depending on the project I am working on.

When did you start to create your own Instagram account and share your life with the world?

I started it in 2016, but it became a full-time involvement about a year ago. For some time I was running it as a side project, but I decided to put 100% of my energy in there quite soon.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

It*s a mix between the inspiration of the world surrounding me – from the people I meet in Berlin, the music I listen to, the old movies I watch, but also online from Pinterest and my favorite Instagram accounts. Lately, I’m being more and more obsessed with art, much as Ivan Makarov’s women portraits.

What are your three favorite Instagram accounts?

I love the French effortless influencer, Jeanne Damas. I like her style and how she mixes modern fashion with vintage classics. Whowhatwear is where I check all the fashion updates every morning. The third one would be @nycbambi, she’s a fashion blogger based in New York but she keeps up her Parisian nostalgia vibes.

What do you think is the must-have item during this summer season?

The must-have for this summer season is definitely a midi skirt with polka dots pattern. I personally like the classic version that has black dots on a white background, but feel free to go wild with colors.

Amelie’s unique style, the perfect mix of trendy outfits and hit-quality images let her stand out in the fashion and social media scene. Her channels inspire us and we are curious what the future holds for the up-and-coming fashion enthusiast. Until then, we will follow her way via Instagram account and her blog.


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