It is time to introduce you to our category Newcomer – this is the place at Le Buzz where we showcase some of our favorite up-and-coming influencers, who we think deserve a visit, a like and then a follow. We will start out with Sarah Schäfer, who is a talented fashion blogger and convinces us with her trend-oriented style and we firmly believe that her channels deserve a lot more attention.

Sarah grew up in a small 500 people village near Heidelberg, in the South of Germany and lived for a little while in beautiful California before her studies. During that time, she discovered her big passion for traveling and started to integrate that topic in her blog as well.

The 27-years-old full-time blogger and translator from Heidelberg shares her love for fashion and travels on her blog Besides outfit posts and hotel reviews, she reports about the newest fashion trends, her favorite travel destinations and various lifestyle topics. Every now and then, you will find some personal or critical texts on her blog, which was founded as a personal online dairy in 2015.

Women like Sarah make us realize that the number of followers doesn’t necessarily say much about the quality of images or the style of a person. She puts her focus on high-quality editorial images, which sometimes leads to her not being able to share new content on her social channels on a daily basis, following her rule of quality before quantity. With every shoot, Sarah creates little editorials, which also could be printed in one of those high-quality magazines. Therefore, she likes to play with different locations, lighting and poses and showcases her trendy outfits with impressive proficiency.

Her style can be described as feminine and laid-back: Sarah loves to play with stylistic inconsistency and often combines unexpected outfit pieces – for example, Rough Botts with classic and chic dresses or colorful highlights that immediately catch the eye.

“Fashion, for me, is a beautiful way to express yourself creatively.”

Her unique style, the perfect mix of high-quality editorial pictures and her trendy outfits let Sarah stand out in the fashion and social media scene. Her channels inspire us and we are curious what the future holds for the up-and-coming fashion blogger. Until then, her Instagram is always worth a visit!



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