Meet Timothy John Kelly – the Charleston-based menswear blogger and photographer had us hooked immediately when scrolling through his Instagram account. For a second we felt like being trapped in another time, much like the era of James Dean with vintage-like photographs but in a modern sense at the same time. His effortless taste in fashion and styling truly speaks for himself and it was our duty to find out more about the ambitious fashion enthusiast. So we had a quick chat with him about his passion for photography, the big apple, and his favorite trends for summer 2018. Follow along and get to know more about Timothy John Kelly, the blogger behind its_timmy.

Tell us more about yourself – where do you come from and how do you grow up?

My name is Timothy J. Kelly and I grew up in a small town called Williamston, South Carolina. I tell everyone I’m from Greenville, SC in hopes they’ll have a better understanding of the area. Neither one of my parents are artistic (sorry guys), so I’m not sure how I really fell into where I’m at today. With that in mind, they did subconsciously gear me toward fashion. They’ve both always loved shopping and looking their best, so I will say I got that part of me from them.

How did you get into photography and who inspired you back then?

I actually got into photography through Flickr. These crazy, cool conceptual photos really inspired me. I loved seeing all the different ideas people had and were implementing in their art. It was unlike anything I had ever seen in a gallery or museum, which really stuck with me. The Flickr photographers were proving no one could define art for me. I started out taking some very conceptual photos up until about 2016.

“I started out on Flickr, then began to post on Instagram. I loved that community and all the amazing art they produced. It definitely inspired me to create a sort of world that I wouldn’t see normally.”Timothy John Kelly

What made you get more into fashion and start your own blog?

I’m not really sure how I grew into a blogger/lifestyle photographer since I started off doing such dark photos, often times. I think it could have something to do with losing a lot of weight when I was in high school. I always would try to incorporate an element of style in my conceptual photos, but the more I took photos, the more I started to care about the outfit. I loved how certain lifestyle and fashion photos were so nostalgic. It really inspired me to travel and to test my own personal style. The more I tried out different looks, the more I photographed and posted them.

Tell us how you would define your personal style and what pieces are essential for you?

I think my personal style is almost androgynous, but not quite there. I’m okay with that, though. I don’t let anyone’s personal ideas define it for the most part. I’d like to think there was a sense of vintage Parisian somewhere in the mix, but that might just be me. I define my essential pieces through denim quite honestly. I think a killer pair of black and light wash denim is so essential for everyone’s closet. I also love a good pair of black mules. I think everyone can build their own personal style and look amazing with those three pieces.

Tell us more about your favorite city New York and how it affected your style and the way you dress?

NYC has definitely had its effects on me and my style. I love the urban environment and how everyone always looks so cool. So much variation and self-expression taught me to do my own thing.

“The more I go to NYC the more I want to test my own style and discover more about my personal style.”Timothy John Kelly

What are your favorite menswear trends for 2018 and do you have any styling recommendations?

I particularly loved the latest Tom Ford shows men’s designs, but I think it’s not everyone’s taste and isn’t the most practical for everyday wear. Trend-wise, I’d say mules are here to stay (at least on my feet), red is a go-to color for any top, pleats are always a good idea, and finally, I’m loving layering a bunch of necklaces together to get that perfect summer vibe.

Can you make a living with blogging? Do you blog full time or do you have another job next to it?

There is definitely money to be made with blogging. However, do not get me wrong, people who blog full-time work their ass off. It’s no easy task constantly showing your life and creating content. I’m currently enrolled in Uni, so I’m using my blog from some bits and bobs, but I saved up a lot before I took the plunge and quit a job in a restaurant.

What can we expect from you in the future and what are your goals?

My main goal is just to expand my brand in the most organic way possible. I love creating content, and it fuels me, even more, when I see people love what I’m creating. I have a few things in the works that are constantly being turned over in my mind. I don’t want to give too much away, but videos and e-stores are in the mix of projects.

With his refreshingly and distinctive style, Timothy John Kelly has left a lasting impression on us, so be sure to have an eye on the aspiring fashion blogger and make sure to pay a visit on his Instagram account and also on his blog.


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