As we strive to present you new and upcoming bloggers, we really want to point out that numbers are not the only things that matter. Whether you have 5k followers or a million, in the end, content is king. And that’s something that definitely applies to the UK-based fashion and lifestyle blogger Jordan Bunker. He already gained a loyal following and even being relatively new to the blogging cosmos, he has already built himself a healthy network and collaborated with a great variety of brands.

With his laid-back and minimalistic taste in fashion, his well-thought-out content and his honest style of writing he had us caught up instantly and we became fans straightway. That’s why we want to highlight this young and talented blogger.

Photography by Natalie J. Reading

“I’m not saying that there’s no value in the size of your audience, but to go from number to number, you’ll never be satisfied in where you are right now. It’s important to be happy with what you have and focus on the now.”Jordan Bunker

Photography by Natalie J. Reading

Jordan was born in Leicester 223 years ago; as the child of a Chinese mother and English father, he always had a distinct passion for fashion. When he wanted to enroll for the university, he had to decide between Architecture and Journalism. In the end, his driving passion for menswear led him to start studying Multimedia Journalism at Bournemouth University. From there on, he never looked back and pursued a career in fashion journalism, which was the best choice that he could make. So, it’s no wonder that Jordan already started his blog alongside his studies. It was his creative outlet and a platform to talk about his own personal style and the things he enjoys most.

Photography by Matthew Pike & Brittany Bathgate

Before launching his blog, he already gained a lot of experience as a writer for several online magazines, but his blog always gave him the freedom to write about anything. Straight after graduating from college, the aspiring blogger took a plunge into the deep end and decided to go freelance. As for many newcomers and ambitious bloggers, social media is the indispensable tool to create a network and get yourself out there.

Photography by Natalie J. Reading

“Social media is such an important tool when it comes to interacting with both people and brands. It allows us, as bloggers, to create relationships with people and companies that before were only accessible by email. It’s a shortcut to what could be the start of a relationship.”Jordan Bunker | Source:

And building relations with like-minded Instagrammers was always essential for Jordan; not only online but also in real life. Getting inspired and motivated by the work of others was vital for Jordan and so he found new friends to connect with, go out and shoot and support each other. He also connected with some of his favorite brands that he once only knew as a customer; through blogging, he had the opportunity to built partnerships with them.

“When it comes to style, I focus on wearing well-made basics, pieces that I know are made from good materials. I like to invest in clothes that I know I will wear frequently and last for years.”Jordan Bunker | Source:

Photography by Joe Gavlin

His minimal and well-considered looks really reflect his own personal style in an authentic way; the young blogger loves to sport dark hues, including black, grey and navy with a focus on quality garments and accessories. Jordan also proves that he has a keen eye for design and with his creative approach to photography, his blog and his social channels provide a sophisticated and highly appealing aesthetic that speaks for itself. His story proves that following your dreams and taking risks can get you anywhere, after his first year as a freelancer he’s still working successfully as a menswear writer and fashion and lifestyle blogger.

Jordan Bunker has been named as one of Miss Vogue’s 50 Fittest Boys of 2017 and we see a promising career for him. Follow Jordan on Instagram and pay his blog a visited to get your dose of menswear, lifestyle and travel inspiration.

Photography by Matthew Pike


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