Whether in the mountains, the Paris city center, at the beach or any other kind of place in the world – the one thing that connects many Instagram users is their passion for running. As a result, a growing community is motivating, inspiring, and supporting each other. Under hashtags like #sundayrunday and #runninggirl, they upload pictures from all over the world to show their small and big personal successes.

However, #running on Instagram is not limited to things like training for marathons. Running enthusiasts often combine their passion with mountain biking, their love for food, or other forms of running like #trailrunning. We present you three up-and-coming influencers of this community – ranging from a sports photographer to the community specialist of a running forum.

Mathilde Draeger

“Addiction, escape and need“ – that is how Mathilde Draeger describes her passion for running. What began with a need for getting back in shape, turned into her job: She is a community specialist of a French running platform. At the same time, she raises her voice against the #healthy and #fit trend that has “lost its original meaning“. In her opinion, it is more important to have a balanced everyday life with good food, exercise, and fun – that’s why she also loves to spend her Sundays with a “Justin Timberlake & The Weekend workout“ from time to time.

Jordi Saragossa

People who have a fear of heights should not watch the videos and vlogs from Jordi Saragossa. The sports photographer has specialized in outdoor photography and loves to accompany trail athletes during their competitions. With his job, he combines his passions for mountains and photography – and loves to be active himself. He is also passionate about drone photography and publishes pictures from far above on his second Instagram account.

Amelie Tauziede

That running can be more than a sport but rather a true way of life shows the Instagram account of Amélie Tauziede. She combines her passion for exercise (from running to biking) with healthy food – and this is how she motivates her community. Her followers collect their running experiences under the hashtag #teamamelie. The 23-year-old photographer herself publishes pictures of her runs, her life, and her hometown Bordeaux with a unique visual style.


*numbers current at the time of writing.

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