Iceland is most definitely an extraordinary place to visit with an undeniable attraction for all nature and outdoor enthusiasts; there is no other place in the world where you will find active volcanoes, over a thousand waterfalls, hot springs, ice-blue glaciers, sleepy seaside towns, picturesque and almost moon-like landscapes. Not to forget the diverse wildlife, then the Northern Lights and Europe’s largest glacier. There is no doubt that this little island has such an irresistible attraction and has become the perfect environment for explorers and photographers.

One that couldn’t resist the call of the wild and the mesmerizing beauty of this unique island is the Danish/Icelandic photographer Gunnar Freyr. We want to shed some light on his inspiring story and his phenomenal work.

After graduating with a Master’s Degree from Copenhagen Business School in 2011 and getting his dream job at one of the leading auditing and consulting companies in Copenhagen, everything seemed to be planned out for Gunnar. He had good chances to climb the corporate ladder, a good income and the status that our modern society often recognizes as desirable. But after a while of doing overtime and spending long hours in the office, ignoring his inner voice and suppressing the stress signals, Gunnar realized that it was time to make some drastic changes in his life. For the last couple of years, he has developed a sincere desire to be free; it was no longer about “doing the right thing.”

“Listening to your inner voice is one of the most important things you can do to maintain your focus.”Gunnar Freyr | Source:

Gunnar had to break the chains that he was bound to, even though it was intimidating to quit his job and leap into an adventure of uncertainty. In 2014, he was at a tipping point and finally, he decided to call it quits, leaving his corporate job and his predetermined life behind. Therefore, Gunnar sold all his belongings, bought a one-way ticket to Iceland to seek out his Icelandic roots and live the dream of many adventurers – living in the Nordic island country of Europe.

“There are a lot of ups and down along the way, but the ability to be out there and live the dream of travel and adventure easily makes it all worth it.”Gunnar Freyr | Source:

Gunnar started out with a temporary job and during his spare time, he took every chance to travel around the country. He started taking pictures and he really got hooked on photography. When he began posting his work on Instagram no one in his circle of friends took his ambitions too seriously. But Gunnar was already planning to turn his passion for the outdoors and his adventure photography into a prosperous opportunity. Other adventure photographers and their stories inspired him to push the boundaries and steadily go out there and work on his photography skills.

Surrounding himself with creative people and building a connection with the community of like-minded creatives helped him remove the limitations and break out of the 9-5 schedule that we are often so bound to. The self-taught photographer was driven by the desire to explore the tremendous beauty of his surroundings, his followers kept on growing and in late 2015 he started to collaborate with the first brands and all the sacrifices and the hard work slowly seemed to pay off. It was the never-ending need to create better photographs and to keep on building his skills that he was really driven by. Even though there were a lot of ups and down along the way, Gunnar was enjoying every moment when he was out there living the dream of a travel and adventure photographer.

“I love getting out there in the wilderness to remind myself where I, as a human, am in this world and how grateful I am for Mother Nature, bringing these incredible sights to us.”Gunnar Freyr | Source:

Gunnar Freyr has replaced suit and tie with a cozy Icelandic sweater and a camera. Finally, his heart is at ease in the rugged and almost surreal landscape of this little island he calls home. With his unstoppable wanderlust and his awe-inspiring imagery, he tells the story of his home country with its countless natural pearls, endless summers, scenic attractions and adventures lurking around every corner. Follow Gunnar Freyr, the Icelandic Explorer, on his journey and witness the beauty of Iceland.


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