What can be better than sharing your travel experiences with someone you love? For Charlie and Lauren, there’s nothing better than that feeling. The traveling couple live their dream together and have been traveling around the world over a year now. On their travel blog Wanderers & Warriors and their Instagram account they take us with them, show us their view of the planet and share their most romantic and exotic places. We contacted them and talked about their exciting life and upcoming travel plans.

To start things off, please introduce yourselves: Where are you from?

We’re Charlie & Lauren, a free-spirited couple originally from the UK. We grew up in a small town called Peterborough, but now, we combine our sense of humor, love of travel and passion for life to explore the world.

How did you guys meet each other?

It’s funny, we actually went to the same school, lived in the same town and had many mutual friends, but had never once spoken to each other. Our paths crossed one day in our local shopping center, both visiting home from our separate journeys, and of course, we got straight onto the topic of travel.

One thing led to another – flights got canceled, homes got moved and six months later two became one. We accepted that bumping into each other at home wasn’t too good to be true and we boarded a one-way flight to India.

Tell us more about your first trip together.

India was a crazy rollercoaster of emotions. It was Lauren’s first time in Asia and what a place to start. Luckily our bond was already pretty strong but India – the culture, the chaos and the sheer heat definitely tested us. People always take away different opinions of a country based on their own experiences. For us, India was one of the most interesting and culturally eye-opening places we’ve visited but in hindsight, two months was a little too long for us.

When was the first time you thought about starting to present your life and relationship on social media and running a blog?

Before we set off to India, we actually ran an online clothing store, which is where the name Wanderers & Warriors comes from. We built up a following through Instagram and decided it would be a waste to throw it all away, so we switched it to a couples account the day before we left. It was just a space for us to document our travels and we never knew where it would lead.

What impact does Social Media have on your career?

It’s funny, we’ve basically built a career out of social media. We’d say our Instagram provides over 75 % of our income or at least connects us with the brands, travel companies and other businesses that find us thanks to our profile on the platform. We’ve moved a lot more into blogging over the past six months to try and branch into something different as well as not keep all our eggs in one basket, although social media is definitely the most powerful marketing strategy out there at the moment.

When did you decide to run your blog full-time?

It was in December 2017, we were traveling around the Philippines and spent a bit of time with Jackson Groves – the backpacker behind the popular Journey Era blog. At this stage, we already had a ‘blog’ but we were just writing dear diary posts for friends and family back home. Jackson was definitely the one that persuaded us to research more into SEO and how to blog professionally. He planted the seed and we soon realized we were already doing most of the hard work but just had to put more time and effort into the blog to start reaping the rewards.

How would you describe the philosophy and the content of your blog?

Our blog is very much a true travelers blog. Lots of helpful info for adventurers, whether couples or single travelers, looking for the best tips and tricks on things to do in the area. Plus, country itinerary and photo inspiration guides.

What was your favorite travel memory so far?

It would have to be the wild safari in Sri Lanka! We always look back and say how it was one of those moments you just have to stop and appreciate what’s happening around you. There were elephants after elephants just strolling around next to the 4×4, it was amazing!

What are your plans for the upcoming three months?

In a few, days we head from Bali to Lombok for a month and then possibly on to Thailand for a media trip but our plans are forever changing. So right now we just take it day by day with no concrete plans in place.

Do you have some travel hacks for our readers?

Not really hacks but more advice from what we’ve learnt over the past year. Just take each day as it comes. Don’t take it all too seriously or stress yourself out. You’ve probably saved to travel for a long time so enjoy it like you should!

“Don’t take it all too seriously or stress yourself out.”Charlie & Lauren

The loving couple has taken us around the globe to some of the most amazing places. With their Instagram account, they share their adventures with us. It’s a truly inspiring love story and we will follow their path around the globe.

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