It’s not a secret that a lot of blogs are run by more than one person. However, it is unusual when a blog is run by two sisters and in the case of the fashion blog teetharejade these sisters are even twins. The Berlin natives (26) Desi (Desiree) and Nisi (Denise) have been blogging since the rise of the blogging scene. On their blog and their Instagram accounts – with around 60k followers – they share their personal thoughts as well as fashion and lifestyle inspirations. Alongside this, they also run a successful YouTube channel.

In retrospect, the start of their blog in 2008 seemed to be their destiny. Nisi studied computer science and they had a shared interest in tech, the internet and graphics design, so they had the basics to start a blog. When they were younger, the sisters were both active in the web design and graphics community, where they ended up discussing lifestyle topics, outfits and hairstyles with others. With this background, it was just a matter of time before they decided to launch their own blog.

Few of the blog posts are written by the two of them together, but the variety they offer with their different styles is refreshing and gives the blog its own character. Most of their posts are about fashion – as it is a fashion blog: The sisters create outfits to give their readers inspiration and often try special trend pieces to give their audience an idea about how to wear new trends.

Emotional posts such as the yearly throwback posts give the reader a feeling of being part of the whole blogging experience and make it easier to not lose contact with the sisters. They have become more and more professional over the years as they always wanted to give their readers an amazing experience. With these high ambitions, it is understandable that at times it can be hard to work under pressure, particularly when you work with your own sister. They themselves are their harshest critics and always work tirelessly for their blog.

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“We will still be a power team but we also have to ease up once in a while to not lose ourselves. Business partners in crime for nine, but twin sisters for 27 years.”Desi & Nisi | Source:

Besides the blog, Nisi began creating YouTube videos in 2013. With her videos, she regularly reaches over 50k people and her audience gets to know a different side of the sisters. Their channel offers everything from professionally produced artistic videos and introductions to their new fashion favorites to makeup tutorials. Through the variety of videos, the twins become even more likable, as they always follow their own moral compass and stay true to themselves.

The blog posts might sometimes seem less personal than the YouTube videos, but this is not necessarily true. The sisters always put their hearts into everything they create and they want to deliver their audience the best quality possible. Their goal for 2018 is to continue their successes but also take a break every now and then, so they don’t lose each other in the hectic work they do. In doing so, the pictures they create are of the highest quality, giving their readers the impression of a high fashion magazine.

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The sisters’ style is at once different and similar. They share a passion for French styles and trends but both take these ideas and give it their own twists. While Desi loves to combine minimalistic pieces in block colors or geometric patterns, Nisi more often tries different things like floral patterns. They are not shy to try new trend pieces and interpret them in their own way, always with a cool and laid-back attitude. For the final touch in their looks, they combine high fashion accessories or special, unusual pieces.

This year they are celebrating their 10-year anniversary and it is exciting to look back at how they have evolved over time. They found their own style and developed as bloggers, but also as sisters. We look forward to the coming years and wish them all the best.

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