What’s the ideal of minimalism, living out of your bag or packing all your belongings in the back of a small van to travel the world and sacrifice material possessions for experiences? Maybe it’s a way of letting go and giving up your security and routines that a planned out life brings with it. To give up those sacrifices and to get out of your comfort zone to live a more minimalistic life and travel the world to open your horizons is something that a lot of us dream of. But is it really that easy? And do you dare to do it?

Marie Fe and Jake Snow decided that this is the life they want to live – travel the globe in seek of adventures and an unbound lifestyle. But how did fate bring them together in the first place?

“Traveling together will teach you everything you need to know about a person, and it won’t take years, it will only take months.”Marie Fe & Jake Snow | Source: Instagram.

Marie and Jake grew up far away from each other in two different countries. Jake is originally from South Australia and Marie Fe from Germany, both had a love for traveling and that´s how their ways crossed randomly. When Marie and her friends were traveling through Thailand, they stopped by a beautiful beach. Marie’s friend dropped her phone in the ocean and Marie decided to forget about it and have a few drinks on the beach. At the same time, Jake was also at the bar to have a few beers, and that was the moment when the two met. After spending four days together, they had to part ways because they already had flights booked to different countries.

Jake knew he had to see Marie again, so he bought a Vietnamese Visa for 200$ from a stranger, just to catch a bus to Vietnam and surprise Marie. They had an amazing time together in Vietnam and they both knew that they had something special. They decided to fulfill their dream to live an adventures life and travel the globe together. From the first moment they met, Marie and Jake had something in common; they wanted to live minimalistic, on the road, full of new experiences that they can share with each other.

“What we have realized is that the most uncomfortable option is a lot of the time the best option, it forces you to change, to grow, to learn and to evolve.”Marie Fe & Jake Snow | Source: Instagram.

Not only traveling and exploring the outdoors is what the couple is passionate about, they also decided to be more conscious about what they eat and to go on a plant-based diet was the best choice they made. The loving couple has taken us around the globe to some of the most amazing places. With their Instagram account and their Youtube videos, they share their adventures with us. It’s a truly inspiring love story and we hope that their journey will go on forever.


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