New Year’s Eve implies not only sparkling fireworks and popping champagne corks, it also means a lot of resolutions for the upcoming year. The question “What can I do to improve next year?” is being asked by many people. A Forsa survey has shown that the most popular New Year’s resolutions for 2018 are less stress and more time for sport and family. That is why we selected some good New Year’s resolutions and some Influencer, who will help you to reach your goals.

Our goals for the new year:

Do a lot of sport – A widespread resolution every year and one of the most positive aspects. Sport is still super important for a healthy life, that’s why you should stick to a few tips to reach your goal. Set goals, that you can reach. Pick a sport, which you will enjoy. Don’t be fixated on unrealistic #bodygoals and don’t overextend yourself at the beginning. If you need a virtual push and some workout motivation, you can drift along Instagram – and you will leave your comfort zone quickly. Some great workout inspiration you will find on the motivating account of the Australian fitness girl Tanya Poppett.

Healthy food – Next to more sport, most people would like to eat in a healthier way. The palette range from “sugar-free” to “meatless” to “only bio”. A goal, which you can definitely reach very easily. Since bio, vegan or vegetarian is very delicious, full of vitamins and is not that difficult to prepare. Due to the large selection of recipe inspiration via Instagram and Pinterest, you will have a lot of fresh and healthy ideas for every day. We personally love to browse through the account of David Frenkiel aka @gkstories and try his tasty recipes. How about some fresh vegan Pesto Pasta for dinner tonight?

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Sustainable Shopping – Invest in classics and high quality instead of quantity. Sustainability concerns us all and you can’t get over it. This is why more and more fashion brands and fashion bloggers start to change their way of thinking and bet on environmental awareness. On the account of Madeleine Aliza aka @dariadaria everything revolves around the responsible eco lifestyle. The vegan Austrian proves with her outfit post that stylish fashion and sustainability are not mutually exclusive.

Less Stress – Without a doubt, you obviously need a free mind to get a relaxed body. Briohny & Dice shows, how you can handle stress even better with yoga, meditation and permanent rituals and how you can prevent unexpected stress situations. On their website bryceyoga they offer a huge selection of online courses for beginners and experienced yogis.

Travel more often – And treat yourself to some more breaks of your daily life. Leave your daily stress behind, have no commitments and just relax –  often succeed on a journey. It does not always have to be a long-distance travel. Some short wellness or city trips should help to switch off your mind for a while. Jack Morris aka @doyoutravel provides us with inspiring destinations and rouses wanderlust. A weekend trip to Paris, a short vacation to Marrakesh or a round trip through Indonesia, Jack’s and his girlfriend Lauren’s travel pictures are infectious. We are also making travel plans for 2018…


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