Some of you may already know Adrianna Adarme from Los Angeles from her food blog A Cozy Kitchen. She likes to describe her own recipes as ‘cozy’ and good for the soul: Apart from all sorts of cakes, tarts, and pastries, she sometimes shows us how to create something that is typically Peruvian or Colombian, which is where her parents come from. Her very successful Instagram account is used to show some of her delicious recipes with appealing images. The sneak peeks of her meals get us, readers, to click over to her blog where we can find the recipe and many more mouthwatering images of her kitchen creations.

Her book The Year of Cozy: 125 Recipes, Crafts, and Other Homemade Adventures is the second of three publications by Adrianna. The first one was a cookbook for a variety of pancakes and her third publication is a coloring cookbook, which is something creative that we personally haven’t seen before. We took a closer look at The Year of Cozy and even tried one of the presented DIY projects ourselves. You can see the results in our images and if you’re interested in reading more about the book, you can find our review below.

The Look & Feel

The Year of Cozy follows the same visual concept as all the other images we can find on Adrianna’s blog or Instagram account. The pictures look warm and friendly –  they’re just as cozy as the title implies. On the aesthetically pleasing cover, we can find all the topics that the book promises to cover. A piece of cake depicts the recipe section of the book and the flowers and twine in other corners of the cover hint to exciting DIY projects. Once you start flicking through the pages of The Year Of Cozy, you’ll find yourself pausing at the one or the other idea for small Projects and you’ll find your to-do list getting longer. From a visual standpoint, this book is an eyecatcher that will surely leave you wanting to find out more about its content.

The Content

The Year of Cozy is very well structured. There are matching project ideas for all four seasons and each season is subdivided by month. The illustrated DIY projects, recipes and all suggestions for actives in the book are assigned to three categories: Do, Make and Live. There is something in here for everyone: from the idea of doing a fall walk and consciously taking in everything that this special season has to offer, to ice cream recipes for summer and DIY projects that will include your pet as well.

Even though the book is divided into seasons and certain festivities – such as Easter -, the ideas are never only suitable for one occasion. All projects are completely convertible and can be adapted for all sorts of occasions. The name tags with flowers that we chose as a DIY project to try from the book was originally set up for Thanksgiving by Adrianna but it works great as a table decoration for all kinds of gatherings. The book promises inspiration all year round and is perfect for all those who love to try new ideas and make pretty things.

Our Résumé

If you’re looking for a challenging book with the newest ideas, then The Year of Cozy by Adrianna Adarme might not be the right choice for you. But, however, if you love to try out new little projects or if you’re looking for some inspiration regarding anything homely, this visually well-done book is the perfect fit. All suggestions can easily be implemented in anyone’s daily life.

We love the variety of creative ideas and love how seemingly obvious ideas become a task in the book, making the reader actually do it – and if it’s only an attentive walk through crispy fall leaves. The Year of Cozy is also great for families to craft or cook together, but it also works great if you’re an individual looking for inspiring ways to spend a Sunday afternoon.