Romantic detailed pictures, skilfull posing, dreamy beaches, and exciting big cities – that’s how we can describe the Instagram account of Aline Kaplan in a few words. Her channel is a smorgasbord of snapshots combined with inspirational outfit pictures which rather looks like a fashion editorial from the 70s and 80s. This skillful staging is followed by about 100.000 people and we have the young girl from Berlin on our radar for several months, too.

“I already lived in different cities, but my home will always be Berlin.”Aline Kaplan

In January 2013 Aline founded her blog, to share her perception of fashion as well as her interior inspiration and travel experiences. Originally from Berlin, she grew up in a small village near to the German capital. That’s why she decided to come back after her studies of communication sciences and economics in Jena. Now she lives together with her boyfriend and three house cats Tom, Paco, and Jerry in the middle of Berlin.  

Her blog’s imagery and philosophy is clearly visible on Aline’s Instagram account. Her pictures have a romantic, playful touch and reflect her style to 100 percent. The 29-years-old young woman grows daily and convinces more than 100.000 Followers with her vintage looks, her great sense of taste when it comes to interior and fashion and the common journey with her boyfriend André.

Also, her boyfriend is a men’s fashion and lifestyle blogger and well known under the name @tommeezjerry. They recently founded their first travel account together, to share some of their breathtaking travel and nature photographs beside of their daily fashion and lifestyle business. On @on.our.way.together they let us be part of their shared passion for travel and photography.

For her everyday looks, Aline loves to wear timeless blue denim jeans and blazers. An item she obviously can’t live without. The blazer is a big part of her wardrobe and can be found in nearly every look. A grey blazer combined with a feminine blouse, a checked one combined with a simple basic shirt and a beige blazer with a knitted sweater. But even blouses and long coats belong to her repertoire. Her color spectrum ranges from black, grey, white and brown to nude, just adding a little bit of orange here and there. She upgrades her dreamy looks with exceptional accessories like designer handbags, vintage hats or belts.

Her style can be described as ‚vintage’ but also ‚chic’ and her blog and Instagram imagery are clearly visible on her looks. She combines old with new, vintage with high fashion and creates her very own style. We will keep an eye on the beautiful girl from Berlin, we will definitely follow her path together with her boyfriend and we will have a look at their channels. And you?


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