Nina Schwichtenberg started her blog five years ago and hasn’t looked back since. Today, she is one of the best-known fashion bloggers in Germany; her popularity stems from her unique style, her high-quality and authentic content, and her individuality, with which she convinces both her fans and us alike. We asked the 26-year-old in our interview about her recipe for success, where her inspirations come from, and which must-have items you got to have in your closet this fall season.

Could you introduce yourself to our readers?

I’m Nina Schwichtenberg and I’ve been living and working in beautiful Munich for the last four years. I’m a fashion editor by trade, but I pursue my fashion and lifestyle blog as a full-time job, together with my boyfriend and business partner Patrick.

When did you consider running your own blog and why?

The idea for my blog came during my studies, over five years ago. Patrick and I were living in a pretty boring college town and went looking for something to take our minds of studying. Patrick wanted to take pictures and I wanted to write and that’s how Fashiioncarpet came to life in 2012 – as a hobby and with pure passion behind it.

“Many brands and companies focus only on Instagram right now and that’s not always the best decision.” – Nina Schwichtenberg

How would you describe the philosophy and the content of your blog? stands for high-quality, authentic, and tangible content. Patrick and I think it’s extremely important to listen to your instincts and not just blindly follow every hype. In the end, our content has to be individual and creative and must fit my personality.

What impact does social media have on your career?

Social media is a part of my profession; however, we favor our blog still. I think it’s always somewhat tricky to become dependent on only third-party media providers with (unclear) algorithms. I use my social media channels as an add-on and mostly post teasers for my blog posts. The main content still happens on our homepage, because this is where I can decide to the fullest how I want to present my content – both text and visuals. The hype around certain social media channels is something I can then understand only so far. Many brands and companies focus only on Instagram right now and that’s not always the best decision. Instead, one should always strive for 360-degree coverage and place content over various channels. A blog post is so much more lasting than a single Instagram post ever will be.

How long did it take you to become a professional fashion blogger?

In my case, it took around three and a half to four years, but keep in mind that it is always a continuous process. You learn with time, stumble here and there, and then get up and keep going. For me, professionalism means that the whole package is on point and that includes simple things like being accessible, reliable, and honest. Also, you should always have a structured plan in mind. Professionalism also means to refuse unsuitable cooperation requests because you know yourself and your readers and value their opinions.

“There is more to life than curly hair, macarons, pink skies, and avocados.” – Nina Schichtenberg

Which of your posts and topics do well with your readers and which post has been discussed and commented on the most?

One of the most discussed posts was from my “Personal Stuff” category, where I write about the (missing) appreciation of free content on blogs. We had lots of comments and exchanges of opinions on that one. Generally, people like my texts with critical and personal topics the most, because they go deeper than just pictures and trends. Texts with in-depth arguments like this one are very popular. I’m in the lucky position to have such an incredible, loving, and reflected reader base. My readers are interested, like me, in many things in life, so that articles from the fashion and beauty categories as well as lifestyle and travel posts are always well received.

What’s your favorite device for photos? And do you have a favorite app for editing?

We take 99% of our pictures with our mirror reflex camera. By now, we have established certain standards for our pictures, stand for quality, and our focus is still on the blog. In my opinion, you shouldn’t post snapshots from your phone on your blog; even when on apps like Instagram those snapshots are well received, we have decided to stay true to our consistent (image) quality. I edit my pictures usually with Lightroom and on my phone I only use VSCO.

How and where do you find your fashion inspirations?

Online, I usually browse through Pinterest or Instagram and look for what’s new, whether there are any interesting newcomer labels, or which pieces are trending. Offline, I often visit Fashion Weeks and press days from brands and agencies and look for new trends and impulses there. Generally, it’s important to me to become inspired and not just copy one to one what the others do. I try to adapt trends and pieces and translate them into my own style. The multitude of accounts, especially on Instagram, all doing the same stuff annoys me. There is more to life than curly hair, macarons, pink skies, and avocados.

What is your fashion capital?

I think New York – just because everything happens here.

What are the pieces you cannot go without in your closet?

Definitely my bags and shoes – my biggest weaknesses.

Which trend piece should every woman own in the coming fall/winter season?

A gray/white plaid coat or blazer and a pair of sock boots.



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