She is picture-perfect and seems to live the incredible “Instagram-Life”: fashion and travel influencer Rianne Meijer loves to take pictures of her everyday life and travels and uses the social media platform to share them with the whole world.  With a penchant for stripes and florals and a slight addiction towards a good slogan sweater, the cute  Amsterdam-based Rianne has an Instagram feed overflowing with covetable pieces we’d be willing for to swap in our entire wardrobe.

But she also shares that all that glitters is not gold with some pleasant Reality vs. Instagram posts nearly every week. With this regular uploads, Rianne shows her 289,000 followers that she is even a super-normal girl, who has problem zones, is a bit clumsy and loves to eat nearly everything. Since a year she made the career move into full-time influencing, that’s why we asked Rianne to answer us some questions and to talk about everything with us from getting her big break as an influencer to top Instagram tips.

When did you start running your Instagram account?

I started running it in 2013. It was in 2016 that I decided to turn it into a business.

What impact does social media have on your career?

A lot, it is my career, haha. It gives you an awesome connection with people all over the world. And because of social media, I was able to build a huge community which gives me possibilities to do so much more. For example, starting my own brand and working together with amazing people and companies.
“I think the most important thing is that you have a thing that makes you stand out, doesn’t have to be big but just one thing that makes you different from the rest.” Rianne Meijer

Can you give us some advice regarding Instagram, what did you learn over the years?

I learned to try and find my own path. There are so many people out there, trying their best to ‘make it’ on social media and I think the most important thing is that you have a thing that makes you stand out. It doesn’t have to be big but just one thing that makes you different from the rest. And besides, that just keep going. It won’t happen overnight, it takes work and commitment, remember that and don’t give up too easy!

How long did it take you to become a professional influencer?

It took me a year to be able to quit my fulltime job and focus fully on social media. That was exactly one year ago, and it’s going great so far!

Would you say that there is a competition between bloggers in Amsterdam or did you get to meet new people and make friends there?

People here in Amsterdam are great. There’s always going to be a little competition and a little drama as there is in any work field I believe. But overall it’s a lot of fun. All the girls and boys know each other, and we all get along quite well. It’s fun, I made a lot of new friends, and we all want the best for each other in the end.

Which channels do you also use besides to Instagram?

I use YouTube! Which I think is a lot of fun, it connects you with your followers on a deep level. It’s a little bit more than just pictures which I like.

You recently told in one of your vlogs that you quitted your office-job. How did you come to this decision and how did it change your daily life?

Yes! I quitted my job last September. I signed a social media contract with a brand that lasted for three months, and it gave me the security I needed financial wise to quit my job. That was my moment of being like ‘ok I got this contract, we’re good for the next three months, let’s give it a try’. And I’m so happy I did it! My life changed completely because I suddenly was my own boss. Which can be quite challenging because you have to motivate yourself every day and be very strict with yourself. But I love my job so much that it has worked out pretty well.

How do you plan to continue growing your career via your social media accounts in the future?

I’m always looking for ways to innovate my content and profile and for it not to get boring. At the moment I’m trying out different cameras (right now using a Canon 80D) and also posting more personal and fun stuff. I think a combination between fashion and sharing the more ‘family/personal’ side is good and I’m excited to keep doing that in the future.

Last but not least – do you have some exciting projects in the near future you can talk about?

Yess! Very exciting things are coming up. I’m not able to talk that much about it, but I can say that I’m launching my own brand in the near future! I can’t wait to tell you more!


We also can’t wait to hear more about Rianne’s upcoming projects, and in the meantime, we will follow her path via Instagram and her YouTube channel to stay up to date.



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