Maybe it was love at first sight, but when Chris saw Julia for the first time, he was actually taking Julia’s sister out on a blind date and Julia was there when Chris picked up her sister. After the date, Julia’s sister told her that she thought Chris was more her type and her feeling proved to be true. Later on that year, Julia and Chris had some dates, but it took them a while to figure out that it was more than just a friendship. Julia moved to another city and the two had been pen pals for a couple of months until Chris finally told her his feelings and the rest is history. In 2008 the couple were married and welcomed their first daughter a little over one year later. During that time, she started her blog called Chris Loves Julia. At first, it was a newlywed blog where Julia shared stories and photos of her family life with close friends and family members.

A lot has changed since back then but the name hasn’t. In April 2011, when the two bought their first home, a fixer-upper, Julia began documenting their home renovations. At that time Chris was working as a marketing consultant and when he came home, the two put all their time into completing their home. The blog kept on growing and the two kept on filling it with their decor, design, DIY projects and personal stories. Just two years later, Chris and Julia Marcum sold the house and moved to Idaho. They bought their second home, and to no one’s surprise, the house also needed some updating. With some major changes to their new house, the couple put a lot effort into turning an ordinary, dark, and outdated building into a family-friendly and functional, both modern and traditional home – which they did all by themselves in just three years.

“We’re not a before and after blog. We’re a process blog. We’re a messy, dusty, paint-in-my-hair-at-all-times, always course-correcting blog.”Julia & Chris Marcum | Source: Instagram

The little family has grown and after the birth of their first child Greta in 2010, they also welcomed a large Saint Pyrenees named Charly and their second daughter Faye in 2014. So it was unavoidable for Julia and Chris to create a space that the whole family would feel comfortable in. Usability is evident in their home, yet the partners in design managed to maintain a traditional, modern aesthetic with clean lines, gorgeous patterns and bright colors enhanced with beautiful decor and paintings.

“I would say my style is casual, comfortable, sophisticated, and family-friendly. I lean towards traditional modern, and I like the traditional elements to come through, but I’m not overly modern either. It’s a happy medium.”Julia Marcum | Source:

What started out with a passion for renovating and designing their homes ventured into a full-time job of running their blog and documenting the daily details of their DIY feats and home stories. Chris decided to quit his job in July 2016 and fully focus on blogging and realizing new projects. Chris Loves Julia was named the Best Renovation Blog in the 2017 Domino Design Blog Awards and in August 2017, Julia gave birth to their third daughter Polly.

With their family-friendly, budget-conscious and inspiring home projects and renovations, the couple has shown us how important it is to create your own welcoming space for everyone to feel at home. After almost completing their home, they want to take more time to enjoy, but there are already new renovation plans for an A-frame cabin in Idaho which they just recently bought. So we are definitely looking forward to seeing how their holiday retreat turns out.



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