It only takes one glance at A Fabulous Fete to know that founder Lauren Saylor is a very creative person who is never short of new ideas or projects to try. From her own blog to her own team and her own shop – with her creative talents, Lauren has mastered the transition from a part-time blogger with a regular 9-to-5 job to a very successful self-employed person. Today, we’re taking a closer look at everything she has going on in her everyday business life and want to invite you to come take a peek at the endless creativity of Lauren and her team.

Just Iike many other successful careers of inspiring creative personalities, Lauren’s success story also starts at FIDM in Los Angeles, the Fashion Institute for Design and Merchandise. With a degree in fashion design, the born and raised Southern California girl starts working in the fashion industry full-time. To balance her a rather dull office life, she eventually founded her blog A Fabulous Fete in 2009.

While her blog is serving her as a steady outlet for her overflowing inspiration, her urge to work creatively hasn’t stopped. She finally launched her own Etsy shop where she offers self-made hand lettering products and eventually steps into wedding planning for some time. While we still get to witness her excitement for coherent color concepts, guest entertaining, as well as the prettiest flows arrangements, the actual wedding planning (as well as some other things she tried) couldn’t win Lauren over for long. In 2012, Lauren finally decides to put her time and energy into the two things she has kept doing through all her different jobs and projects: blogging and hand lettering with the connected shop.

A Fabulous Fete offers lots of inspiration around the topics of DIY, styling, entertaining, home decor and hand lettering. In all her posts, Lauren works with a soft and coherent color concept and inspiring and detailed photo settings. If you think of rough saws or visiting the local home depot when you read the term DIY, you’re wrong here. Lauren’s DIY ideas perfectly match the other categories – for example, she often shows us how to use hand lettering apart from regular cards and invitations.

When it comes to entertaining, Lauren offers tips and tricks for the perfect arrangements – ranging from table decoration to self-made seasonal flower bouquets. Thanks to her trained eye for colors and well-made integration of products into an authentic setting, Lauren does product stylings for a variety of clients. Time and time again, Lauren amazes us with how she manages to make a product seamlessly match its surroundings.

In 2015, Lauren partners with art director and graphic designer Megan Heddinger to launch Wilde House Paper  a shop for cool and artsy high-quality stationary. Here, we can find the perfect addition to A Fabulous Fete. While A Fabulous Fete is more focused on weddings and other kinds of events, the stationary of Wilde House Paper is much more suitable for everyday life. The product range of prints is topped off with cards, stamps, and notebooks. A special feature of the shop is their monthly subscription. Currently, more than 100 people receive a package with selected stationary products each month through a Wilde House Paper subscription.

To sum it up, A Fabulous Fete in combination with Wilde House Paper offers everything that makes a female’s readers heart pound: feminine ideas for a meet-up with friends and the prettiest stationary for gifts or weddings. Due to the aligned design and the high-quality of her images, browsing through Lauren’s website is a sight for sore eyes. After clicking through her blog posts for a while, you can’t help put grab paper and brushes (and if you like, you take a peek into Lauren’s hand lettering guide) and get creative yourself. Or you call up your friends to meet up with your besties to try one of the many yummy cocktail recipes of A Fabulous Fete. Creativity and artistry, combined in one single website and paired with the personal words of founder Lauren – we surely can’t get enough of A Fabulous Fete.


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