Social Media can be a creative outlet for so many things, sharing your vision with others through blogging and inspiring others is definitely a great way to use your reach. Building up something with a deeper meaning and long-lasting vision is something really inspiring and worth achieving. All these attributes fit the work of Jeska & Dean Hearne, a couple from East Sussex UK, are both very creative-minded people who have been using social media for quite some time now. The two created an online platform The Future Kept, an online store which provides well designed, durable, meticulously chosen goods for you to cherish and keep. But let us find out more about the creative couple.

Jeska Hearne is an interior stylist, photographer and writer who started her lifestyle blog Lobster and Swan in early 2007. Her blog is filled with heartwarming and beautiful natural photography, intimate stories of her life, interior and styling tips and much more to find out. Dean has long-term experiences in graphic and product design, brand development and he has also been a professional bike rider. Dean is also very passionate about photography and traveling, no matter where he goes, he always takes his camera with him. In 2014, Dean decided to leave his job to be able to pursue more independent freelance work together with Jeska and that is when The Future Kept was born.

„Our primary goal with “The Future Kept” is to inspire more people to think carefully about the items they have in their lives, by putting together a collection of best in class products all with a story to tell.“Jeska & Dean Hearne | Source:

Buy Less, Buy Better, Cherish & Keep.

For a long time, Jeska and Dean were driven by the desire to seek out beautiful and useful items which are beautifully crafted to make daily life easier. The couple gathered items that are made with love, thoughtfulness and detail. The vision behind their online store is to provide timeless quality goods that are made to last and that will not fuel the throwaway nature of the modern world. They design and carefully source items from independent designers, makers, artisans and entrepreneurs who share the same vision to make the world a better place with products that last longer than a lifetime.

„Buy Less, Buy Better. A strange message for a shop to give, you may be thinking, but we want to promote a lifestyle of appreciating and cherishing the items you choose to have in life.“Jeska & Dean Hearne | Source:

Their store often features only a small run of handmade, artisan and vintage products that offer a beauty that is tactile and celebrated. Over the years they put together a collection of best in class products all with a story to tell. Throughout their online store, you will find handcrafted goods like gifts, bags, candles, blankets, ceramics, homeware and much more. All products are made to be cherished and kept. The Future Kept also features an amazing travel blog where the two present their traveling experiences and beautiful homestories. Everything they do is self-made from curating and shooting their products, interior styling, writing and documenting their travels. Their very beautifully made and unpretentious imagery is warm and welcoming, full of life, green plants and natural elements.

All these attributes and their endless creativity has shared them great feedback and a dedicated following. Especially, their well-curated Pinterest has gained over 460.000 followers; it is an overwhelming source of inspiration with lots self-captured content from their store and blogs. The couple really knows how to promote their work and stay true to their essence and you can definitely see that when scrolling all over their social media accounts.

If you are in search of some quality goods or your next Christmas presents that should last longer than a lifetime, make sure to drop by The Future Kept online store and discover some amazing products. We will definitely keep on track and follow this inspiring creative couple and their adventures.


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