Jenni Radosevich is one of the best known DIY influencers in the world. From blogging on her own website, owning a DIY studio offering workshops and crafting courses up to her own TV show: Jenni’s picture-postcard career as an influencer with her blog I SPY DIY is reason enough for us to dedicate today’s article to her and to take a closer look at her professional development.

Now that we are out of 2016, I am finally getting a chance to wrap my head around it. It was a doozy of a year, and I have to admit, at the end of it I was burnt out from blogging in a major way. With the boom of new social platforms (Snap AND Insta-stories) I started to wonder how much is too much. I started focusing on how I was not doing enough, instead of celebrating the success I had in 2016: the launch of my product line #ispydiysupplies, a magazine cover, setting up #ispydiystudio, fun TV appearances, some projects that I am still managing to keep a secret, and a bunch of DIY projects that I am super proud of. I am so thankful for all these amazing opportunities, and am making a point to focus on the positive this year. I know I have been a little quiet across all my platforms, but I just wanted to say a giant thanks to everyone who has followed along with I SPY DIY for the last 7 years, and stuck by me as I evolve in this crazy world of blogging. I am easing into 2017, and shifting focus to more room makeovers and DIY interior design, which was one of my favorite parts of last year. I have a bunch spaces in the works, and can't wait to share them, so stay tuned! xx J 📸 by @lottie.lillian

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Ever since she was young, Jenni was obsessed with designer clothing; since she couldn’t afford the pieces, she had to improvise and started sewing them herself, using magazines with pictures of the pieces as her template. After a couple of years of practice, she received the first compliments for her creations and was motivated to keep working. Eventually, her career actually started in the fashion industry when she worked for InStyle magazine in New York. Still living on a budget, she kept on tailoring expensive designer clothing which soon got the attention of some InStyle editors: Jenni got her own article in the magazine, talking about how to personalize clothing and she received even more positive reactions.

Based on the knowledge that her designs were going well, she started her blog I SPY DIY in 2010 while still working at InStyle, which had granted her a monthly DIY-column in the magazine. Her next step was to write her own Do It Yourself book called I SPY DIY Style that was published in 2012 and is dedicated to affordable DIY-styles for young women. After launching the book, Jenni began to work on her website full-time. Eventually, she opened the I SPY DIY studio, in which she realizes and shoots all her projects. Here, Jenni also hosts DIY events and all sorts of crafting workshops. Since the opening of the studio, Jenni also offers guides for projects around home and living.

With her own DIY kits that are partially developed in partnership with big companies, Jenni helps her readers to copy her projects – and earns money doing so. The sponsored articles on I SPY DIY are perfectly incorporated thematically: Mostly, suppliers of crafting and home improvement utensils such as lacquer and paint are her sponsors, which means that Jenni can wonderfully show how to use the products in her posts. In 2016, she launched her own DIY-utensils called #ispydiysupplies, which is still sold online and perfectly matches her blog design and the typical bright and cheerful color scheme of her DIY projects. By now, Jenni offers her creative services outside of her own four walls: By doing room makeovers for her clients, she proves that she can design and remodel amazing rooms beyond her signature colorful repertory.

Jenni has had the chance to gather some camera experience with several TV appearances (for example on Good Morning America), but this year, a big project was announced and revealed. Television giant HGTV (Home and Garden TV) accompanies Jenni and four of her friends while renovating and re-designing houses in a show called My Flippin’ Friends. On Jenni’s Instagram account, we already had the chance to take a peek at a couple of room revelations from the project and the pilot episode has been broadcasted several times by now. We’re still waiting for the information whether the show will be continued or if the pilot is all we’re going to get to enjoy from the project.

On her career path, Jenni has done everything right so far. She has merged her passion for DIY and her talent with entrepreneurial thinking, all while staying true to her bright and colorful concept. We will keep following her many and diverse DIY projects on her blog and hope that Jenni will get many more opportunities to style other beautiful homes apart from her own.


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