Ashley Rose, the young woman behind Sugar & Cloth, one of the most popular DIY blogs worldwide, is only 26 years old – but one could think that someone with decades of experience is at work here. She convinces us with countless dessert recipes and her talent to beautifully style all sorts of event locations. We are no bit surprised that Sugar & Cloth was awarded the title of Best DIY Blog by the American Better Homes & Gardens Magazin. Today, we’d like to invite you to take a peek behind the scenes of Ashley and her work.

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When looking at Sugar & Cloth, you wouldn’t dare guess that a couple of years ago, Ashley had no idea what she wanted to do as a career. Studying Art & Design at Marshall University in West Virginia may have indicated her creative talent, but she took a break from university after junior year and never went back. After moving around and trying out all sorts of jobs, she finally moved in with her aunt in Houston, Texas. There, she was working at a restaurant and started to focus more on Sugar & Cloth, a blogging project she had started in her period of upheaval after university. Her blog finally turned into a true passion and Ashley showed a strong will to work on her projects persistently. She got to know a lot of people from the blogging scene, made new contacts, and was finally able to go into business for herself with Sugar & Cloth.

Houston is also where Ashley met Jared, her now-husband and photographer of all her projects. Together, they offer their Cool Photo School, an online course in product styling and photography that teaches the steps and stages to recreate the photos of Sugar & Cloth. Upon completion, attendees are able to use their new skills to implement on their own channels. With Jared, Ashley has found her creative counterpart who supports her and all her ideas at all times.

On Sugar & Cloth, we can find inspiring DIY projects, such as a self-made room divider or glamed up furniture, that are either made by herself or by guest bloggers such as Francois Et Moi. Besides DIY, Ashley offers a lot of ideas in her categories food and entertaining. Beyond delicious-looking macarons as her specialty, she offers all sorts of desserts, cakes, cookies, and lots of yummy drinks. Sugar & Cloth not only reveals recipes and advice to succeed when trying them out ourselves; we’re also presented with matching styling ideas and DIYs to go hand in hand with the food ideas. Cheese to finish up a nice dinner? Ashley hands us the DIY instructions for serving plates. A cocktail bar to keep the party going? On Sugar & Cloth, we can find pretty ideas on how to decorate said bar.

Ashley Rose knows how to make photos more vivid through perfect styling – and at the same time, her consistently pretty images make her blog a treat for the eyes. Her talent in styling has brought her new ways to make a living, besides working with sponsors of food products and craft supplies through posts on her blog. More and more frequently, she gets to work on styling jobs (bridal and wedding shows are very popular), presenting us with images of her work that show off her strong decorating skills.

To have a place where she could work and let out her creativity, bake her recipes, and shoot all her projects, Ashley rented a studio space. By now, the space is used to offer workshops (calligraphy and flower arrangement courses amongst others) that thematically match Sugar & Cloth. Of course, all sorts of events are styled by Ashley personally. If DIY projects, pretty flower arrangements, and all kinds of delicious treats aren’t enough for you yet, make sure to check Ashley’s travel category, where she shares phenomenal impressions from her vacations and takes us to the most beautiful beaches in the world.

If you’re looking for a holistic choice of great images, well-incorporated collaborations, creative ideas and sweet desserts, Sugar & Cloth won’t disappoint you. Ashley always comes up with new ideas to extend her repertoire of posts that always match her colorful concept. As Ashley works with many different guest bloggers, we get to know other, inspiring influencers from related areas of expertise – all while reading one blog. Even though Ashley may not have chosen the typical career path, she still found exactly what she excels in. And luckily, she lets us be a part of that on a daily basis.


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