Today’s newcomer lives and blogs from Paris and Berlin. Both are cities that inspire not only the entire fashion industry but also the style of 23-year-old Anaïs. The native-born Berlin girl is about to finish her studies in Journalism, Public Relations and Film and just completed her last semester in Paris. She founded her blog in 2015 to share her perception on fashion as well as her very own creations of minimalistic yet chic outfits, interior inspiration, travel experiences and some personal thoughts.

„I’m getting my inspiration primarily from magazines and the world wide web, but also through my travels. In particular, my time in Paris had a huge impact on developing my own style.“Anaïs Eleni

For her everyday looks, Anaïs loves to wear dark pants, loafers, oversized shirts, wool and kashmir sweaters, long blazers and sunglasses. Her color spectrum ranges from black, grey, white and brown to nude, just adding a little bit of color here and there. By often combining feminine dresses with flats and miniskirts with oversized shirts, she likes to create looks with contrasting styles. Her own style is minimalistic, while at the same time being very chic, reflecting on her time in Paris.

She puts her focus on high quality editorial images, which sometimes leads to her not being able to share new content on her social channels on a daily basis, following her rule of quality before quantity. With every shooting, Anaïs tries to present her daily looks in an editorial style. To make her minimalistic looks seem more exciting, she likes to play with different locations, lighting and poses and tries to create new and fresh content every time.

„I’m trying to find the right balance between minimalism and a trend-orientated style, which is why I like to mix timeless designer pieces with items from Mango, H&M Trend, &Other Stories and Co.” – Anaïs Eleni

Women like Anaïs make us realize that the number of followers doesn’t necessarily say much about the quality of images or the style of a person. Anaïs has definitely gotten our attention and we firmly believe that her channels deserve a lot more attention.


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