“We have the ability to do whatever we want when we want, wherever we want.”Jess Bonde | Source: travelandleisure.com

Don’t we all sometimes revel in dreams of an endless summer holiday or being on the road exploring the world while we are just sitting there looking out of the office window? And Instagram is probably the best place to fuel your thirst for adventures when scrolling through countless travel images. But do you dare to make these fantasies come true? Jess Bonde is one of those who took the chance to leave it all behind and made all of our traveling dreams become his reality. We got caught up in the mix of his mesmerizing adventures and his cozy van life photography – it was no doubt we had to hit him up for an in-depth story. So get ready to take a trip out of the ordinary day to day life and get to know the traveling photographer Jess Bonde who left Tasmania behind to show us the world through his lens.

Growing up in Tasmania, the beautiful and rugged island state of Australia with its pristine wilderness, it’s no wonder that Jess Bonde has had the travel bug from a young age. After several years of working for the rich and famous people on their expensive superyachts he had to call it quits and turn his back on the „big drinking culture.“ He bought himself a camera and set out to explore the world in a van.

“I wanted to pick up a new hobby that would keep me out of the bars and get me back into nature, so I decided I would buy a camera.”Jess Bonde | Source: travelandleisure.com

From there an endless adventure began, he converted a van into his new home and started his journey in Canada before touring through North America exploring its stunning national parks. Many more destinations followed ahead – from the cliffs of Moher Ireland to the Northern Lights in Norway. The self-taught photographer documented his new life with breathtaking imagery.

“Humility, authenticity, vulnerability, an insatiable thirst for adventure, and living simply is what I am all about.”Jess Bonde | Source: wildbonde.com

While Jess always tried to save up as much as he could and took every job opportunity for granted his followers kept on growing and he was able to start making more money as a travel photographer. The essence of his images is freedom and showing us that everything is possible. Enjoying every moment in nature is subsequent, and all of his pictures transport that feeling. Jess certainly wants us to get out there, and he is a true believer that the more people he can convince to connect with nature the more will help to protect our beautiful planet. What a beautiful message that we can adapt to undoubtedly. So to get your travel bug on you just have to visit Jess Bonde on Instagram or on his website.


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