Sammi Jefcoate is a variegated woman: she is half Italian, half British, tattooed from the bottom of the heart and a lovely mother. Well-known for her fashion and beauty blog she also runs a successful YouTube channel. Her cheerful manner, her magnificent view and her honesty is refreshing and spell on us. We contacted the young mother and talked with her about her obvious love for tattoos, her unique sense of fashion and combining her life as a mom with her own business.

To start things off, just tell us a bit more about yourself. Where are you from?

Hello, hi! I’m from Surrey, England – that’s just outside of London, for non-UK folk. I’m a mum, a fashion blogger – a lover of a great outfit.

Why did you decide to join Instagram?

At the time, to post pictures I loved taking (I’ve always, always taken too many photos & have stacks of albums) and to follow my mates and see what they were up to.

When did you consider running your own blog and YouTube channel and why?

2017 was the year I start taking the whole ‘social media’ thing seriously. I started my blog, and then in November established a YouTube channel. There are a number of reasons why, but I guess the overall reason was that I felt ready to take on the influencer/blogger (still unsure what to use tbh) role that kinda fell into my lap.

Which blogs and social media accounts inspire you, who do you follow?

I still love following all my friends the most. Additionally, other favs to follow are YoyoAimee SongHey ClaireValeria.

What impact does social media have on your career?

Overall, it’s had a really, really positive impact on my career – I mean, it has basically turned into a business for me – and a business I love! It can be hard at times knowing the pressures of needing to edit, post, get great content etc, alongside having a life – and the hours never stop: you are always working. However – it is so, so all worth it. Making connections with people has had a really profound impact on me, too.

As a mum, there is often not that much time for yourself. How do you handle your work and family life and do you have tips for that?

Ooo, this is a tough one. I think the most important is to remember you’re not just a mum, as great as that title is. Actually MAKING dedicated time for yourself – even something as simple as knowing ‘right, between 7 pm – 9 pm – I’m having a bath, reading a book, and wearing a face mask. It can be really hard to stay sane sometimes, but adding little dates and hours to your diary, that is just for you, help a great deal.

When did you first get in touch with make-up and beauty products?

I had just turned 13, started getting into heavier music; and reached for black hair dye and heavy eyeliner – it changed my world forever.

How and where do you find your fashion and beauty inspirations?

I love searching around for new items (my favorite online shopping sites are Net-A-Porter, Ssense, TopShop, Matches…) and when I see something that catches my eye, it’s only a minute before I’ve made up an entire outfit around it, ha! I know what I like, and I get inspired just coming up with new looks in my head.

What are the pieces you cannot live without?

Sunglasses! Specific items: my dad’s wedding ring (I wear it every single day), Balenciaga Blanket Bag, Gucci Combat Boots, comfortable knitwear, lip balm.

Which trend product should every woman own in the coming spring/summer season?

I’m not much of a trend-led person, so for spring I’d say something that makes you feel effortless and comfortable – and makes you desperate to leave the house.

Do you have a personal motto in life that you try to follow?

Not as such, although I’d say staying true to yourself, and being yourself, are super important to me. Knowing who you are, not trying to change that or fit in – I feel these are key to respecting yourself and living a great life.

Do you have an obsession and what is it?

Probably a strange combination of music and handbags: although most definitely not combined!

We are convinced that Sammi not only catches our attention with her positive personality and her distinctive style within the last year and we will be following her exciting way together with her community.


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