As we come across many talented individuals, who started making their dreams come true out of a passion or the need to change their lives for the better. One of those stand out personalities is Ashley Petrone who sparked our attention with her beautiful Instagram channel where she posts openhearted and loving peeks into her family life and her home renovations together with her loving husband Dino.

What’s even more interesting and inspiring is the fact that the mother of 3 moved into a renovated RV to live with her family on 180-Square feet space. No wonder that we just had to get to know her a little better and how moving into such a tiny space with the whole family changed her life.

“If I learned anything about my design skills while living in the RV, it’s that sometimes doing things differently and out of your comfort zone, lead to the best and most rewarding results.”Ashley Petrone

Growing up with a loving and caring mother who had a spleen for decorating the house and finding the best deals at vintage garage sales had a huge impact on Ashley’s life. She has always loved design, and she often found herself rearranging her room just to have a change and that was at a fairly young age. When she met her future husband Dino a truly inspiring love story began. Introduced by their parents who were best friends, Ashley and Dino met on three-days vacation and long story short, three weeks later they were engaged and they are still living in a happy marriage for more than 12 years now. To top things off the two raised three kids – two boys and a girl.

Dino who’s originally working as a web developer with a little background in construction work and Ashley who turned her passion for design into running an interior blog always had a passion for renovating their homes.

Living in the Santa Rosa Valley of Southern California currently is not the cheapest. It’s a beautiful rural area with rolling hills and big lots. The two already had dreams about building their own house, and when they found this amazing piece of land, they decide to sell their five-bedroom house. But while the house was being built they had to figure out were to live, apartments and rental homes were too overpriced, so they eventually found a perfect RV. It had three bunked beds already built in, and they wanted to experience something different with more chances to travel freely and save money for adventures. It was also a chance for Ashley to showcase her design work and she really turned the uncomfortable inside of the RV into a real cozy home, a bright space where every corner is used thoughtfully.

„It really was a process to learn how to function and co-exist together in this small space. It’s like everything is amplified and there is nowhere to run or hide if there’s a problem. It forces you to work things out.“Ashley Petrone | Source:

After almost two years living in their small space the family moved on to new adventures, and instead of building a house they moved into to an old Spanish bungalow. And you can probably guess it, the two fully renovated the house and design the whole interior. But going tiny had a huge impact on the families life and also taught Ashley a lot in terms of her design work. With her open-hearted and honest way of sharing her work and experiences, she gained a healthy following. She started to design and renovated trailers and homes for clients. So make sure to follow Ashley´s adventures family life on Instagram and on lovely her blog.



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