Meet Hannah Trickett, the aspiring interior designer and founder of Hannah in the house, an amazingly beautiful and minimalistic blog about Hannah’s passion for Danish/Scandinavian design culture, featuring her own home stories, lifestyle, and personal travel impressions. But let us go further back and find out more about Hannah and her moving story.

Hannah received her degree in Decorative Arts from Nottingham Trent University and, one month later, she already moved to her dream destination, London. Her father has left a big impression on Hannah, since he studied in London and her dream was always to explore the city as he did. Her studies at the Nottingham Trent University taught her a lot about the aspects of designing and creating and she eventually specialized in ceramics, but she wanted to explore the world of design even further, so she started her first job at the high-end design studio Fired Earth as an assistant. Hannah was excited to work her way up and she soon became an interior design and showroom manager at Fired Earth.

Her design background and the passion for London

Through her job at Fired Earth, Hannah had the chance work all over London, decorating some of the wealthier homes for her clients. Over the years, she learned a lot about designing luxury homes, as she moved apartments in London quite often and truly fell in love with the city and its cultural offerings. Especially Victoria Park in East London became her favorite place to live, her perfect sanctuary how she calls it. She also adopted a cat named Hansel who brought a lot of joy to her life. Hannah loved exploring the city and she often visited one of her favorite places, the furniture shop 2&4 in Islington. The store was filled with flawlessly restored mid-century furniture, lighting, accessories, and a lot of Danish design pieces. Since Hannah is half Danish, she was always obsessed with Danish design and Scandinavian minimalism.

The story behind Hannah’s blog

Starting her one blog wasn’t really a plan of Hannah, as she loved her job as an interior designer. But, because of serious health problems, she had to quit her full-time job and focus primarily on her health. Since the age of 13, Hannah has suffered from a condition called Hydrocephalus, which is also known as fluid in the brain. When the disease broke out in 2009, Hannah had to step away from her desk and she had to go through multiple brain surgeries. She had to stay home for a long time and, out of her frustration, Hannah started her blog Hannah in the house. She was stuck at home or in hospital beds, but Hannah didn’t want to give up her passion and so she started writing her own stories. Just recently, Hannah has moved from London to Copenhagen and since she is half Danish and obsessed with Scandinavian heritage and design culture, it’s also the main focus of her blog. She shares stylings of her personal home, DIY projects, her travel stories, and she passionately writes about interior design, inspirations, minimalism as well as brands, trends, new products, and much more.

Focus your business on what you love and are passionate about. If you really love what you do, it shows through your work.says Hannah Trickett | Source: Design Sponge.

It’s a truly unique story of an independent woman who proves to us that it’s worth following your dreams and sticking to what you are passionate about. Hannah has excellent taste in design with a healthy obsession for minimalism and simplicity. It’s absolutely worth following her beautifully-curated Pinterest account, visit her inspiring blog and her social channels as well.


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