Like many of her colleagues, Carola Pojer uses her blog as an outlet for ideas, experiences, and inspirations. For the last six years, the Vienna-based blogger has been sharing her clean, casual, and romantic style with her readers and her 72.000 followers on Instagram. After finishing school,Carola moved to Vienna where she studied photography and acting as well as becoming a certified paramedic. She then moved on to become a full-time blogger and worked entirely self-employed. Since then, her blog Vienna Wedekind has become a staple in the German-speaking blogger scene and received the award as best fashion blog at the 2013 Austrian Blog Awards. In our interview, the Viennese speaks openly about her perception of the term influencer and reveals to us her key to success.

Carola, why don’t you introduce yourself to our readers?

My name is Carola Pojer, I’m the founder of the fashion blog and I live in Vienna.

You’re working as a full-time blogger. How did that happen?

It wasn’t really planned, but after a few years of blogging, it became my full-time job. I’ve been blogging for six years now. In the beginning, my blog was more a visual place for my inspirations and experiences while I worked as an actress; originally, I’ve studied photography and acting. Over time, I started to share more and more fashion content and my blog gained popularity in the German-speaking regions. Then I had my first collaboration partners; among others, I started a collaboration with Louis Vuitton. Three years ago, I made the switch and Vienna Wedekind became my full-time job and I’ve never looked back since.

„I want to inspire my readers, not influence them.“Carola Pojer

What’s the meaning behind the name of your blog ‘Vienna Wedekind’?

I studied acting and one of my favorite authors was Frank Wedekind. As I founded my blog years ago, I wanted a connection between my profession and my hometown. That’s why I choose the name, Vienna Wedekind. Actually, there are a few people who still think that this is my real name.

Do you see yourself as an influencer? And what do you think about its meaning?

I see myself as a fashion blogger and I feel that the definition of influencers is a bad thing. I want to inspire my readers and not influence them. You know what I mean? I fully realize that I influence them in a special kind of way, but I try to deal with that very carefully.

What is the key to success in the blogging industry?

Hard work, professionalism, creativity, and authenticity.

How does a typical workday look like for you?

Usually, I start my day in the office at 9 am and work through the most important emails that morning. Then I meet with my team and discuss the coming day or week – what appointments do we have, when and where are they, what outfits do we need, travel plans, deadlines, and more. Mid-morning, I work on texts for the blog or the styling. In the afternoon, I meet with clients or PR agents or I visit showrooms. Most of our shoots take place towards the end of the day, then we chose the best shots and I answer more emails. Between 7 and 9 pm I do more research, work on the accounting side or answer interviews. I finish my days usually around 9 pm, unless I attend a dinner or a store opening.

Where do you see yourself and your work in future?

That’s hard to say, especially for bloggers and influencers. But I guess I will still work in the fashion industry. I can also imagine working in the consulting, marketing, or styling industry. After all, I’m building a great network due to my work as a blogger. So, we’ll see.

Do you follow a certain strategy on Instagram?

I see my Instagram account @viennawedekind as a visual portfolio of my work as a fashion blogger – it is a great addition to my website. I don’t really follow a strategy, but I try to keep a balance between blog content (teasers for the blog) and Instagram-exclusive content (daily events, behind-the-scenes, etc.).

How do you deal with critique on your social media channels?

If it is constructive criticism: I love it! I can only grow through criticism and push myself even more. I like to consider other opinions and views on topics, even when I don’t necessarily agree with them. Deconstructive criticism is something I tend to ignore, as it robs me of my time and energy and I don’t see any value in it.

Who are you following on Instagram? And where do you get your inspiration from?

I love different accounts from stylists, photographers, and fashion editors, especially from Scandinavia. I always find a lot of great inspiration and ideas in their work.

If you had to choose one outfit for the whole winter, what would it be?

An oversized coat, a cozy sweater, leather pants and sneakers.

Carola Pojer is very successful with her unique strategy of running her blog with fashion and lifestyle impressions. If you’re looking for high-quality, inspiring, and diversified content, and you’re also a fan of minimalism, you should add the blog Vienna Wedekind to your favorites. We’re happy to see more of her exciting work in the future.



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