If you ever happen to scroll through Sarah Lou’s Instagram account, you’ll soon find yourself lost at one of the most beautiful beaches on the coast of Italy or France. Together with her boyfriend, the 22-years-old girl travels through Europe during this summer. The pictures of the fashionable Swiss are clear, bright, and provide a touch of french riviera. Sarah’s images show dreamy staged flat lays, feminine outfit combinations and increase your desire to travel. We would love to know more about her life and get to know Sarah a little better, but read yourself…

Sarah was born in Switzerland and grew up in a small village next to Frankfurt, Germany. But her parents always traveled a lot, so she came in touch with a lot of different cultures at a quite young age. Travel had her hooked ever since and became one of her greatest passion. Due to her studies, she moved to Paris when she was 20 years old and she doesn’t only fell in love with the city but also with the feminine elegance of all those women on the streets. She can still remember when she was going to Paris fashion week for the first time. During that time, Sarah decided to build her own Instagram account to fill it with her looks and impressions. Since then the 22-years-old girl shares her two passions with her followers: her travels around the globe adorned with inspiring outfit combinations.

“I am always restless. I love nothing more than arriving in a new city and exploring the unknown – it always gives me a feeling of freedom. I guess that is the reason why I travel so much.”Sarah Lou Falk

For her professional life, Sarah finished a bachelor degree in business administration with the focus on marketing and will start her masters at the end of this year. But for now, she is traveling and taking some time off with her boyfriend. For her, it’s not all about the exciting cities and breathtaking destinations. What she loves the most is to share her experiences with others and create unforgettable moments that will last forever – captured in magical pictures. Sarah’s chic and elegant clothing is reflected in her images and especially is put down to her time in Paris. Her love for dresses and vintage jewelry brings a feminine as well as classic touch to her outfits.

“My main inspiration are the people on the street I see in all the different cities, I love sitting in a cute café and watch the people passing by.”Sarah Lou Falk

We like her way of life and we hope Sarah’s inspiring pictures have not only awake our interest. Let’s follow Sarah’s travels on her Instagram channel, to find out more about the young soul and get some daily fashion inspiration.


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