Hailing from Alexandria, Minnesota, Hailey Kneprath is one of those unique influencers whose pictures just emanate positive vibes all over. She started off on her journey to becoming an expert photographer at a young age, bought her first digital camera from savings and was hooked immediately. As she began taking photos of everything around her, she realized that photography was a way of expressing herself and that she wanted to experiment and create as much as possible.

Q: what state would you like to try and roadtrip to this upcoming year? ✔️🗺⛽️🚌 #wanderlust #bucketlist

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As she became more proficient, she decided to combine photography with her other interests in fashion and traveling. Being on the road, always exploring and discovering new places is amazing in itself, but being able also to take stunning pictures and capture those memories is what drives Hailey. Photography gives her the chance to see simple things through a different perspective and express a whole story with a single image.

*happiest when outside* ⭐️

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Adventurous and refreshingly positive Photography

Once you look at her images, you are immediately impressed by the positive energy they give off and perfectly reflect Hailey’s way of living. It’s hardly surprising that she has gained quite a large following with her refreshing imagery, her lifestyle, and her unstoppable urge to explore and take us with her on her adventures. Her quirky and yet lighthearted photographs stand out from the rest because Hailey manages to create her own signature style with warm, almost over saturated earthy colors throughout all her imagery.

“It’s refreshing to see potential in normal “every day” locations and take a new perspective on things. You can create some of the most amazing photos in some of the most random places.”
Says Hailey Kneprath.

"do more things that make you forget to look at your phone" 🏞🌲🌞🏄🏼‍♀️🎢⛺️📖

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Hailey and Bryce take us with them on their trips

Hailey and her boyfriend Bryce have been a couple for three years now; they got engaged last September and it seems that they are a perfect match, both sharing the same passion for exploring and creating beautiful content. They share the same vision and enthusiasm for the outdoors, road trips, skateboarding, hanging out with family and friends, and just having fun and enjoying life. Since Bryce is a videographer, things got even more intimate when the two decided to launch their YouTube channel in 2015, with Bryce behind the camera documenting their daily lives and adventures.

“We don’t go outside on a hike just to take a few photos then go home. We go on a hike and bring the camera, and that’s what a lot of people pick up on.”
Says Bryce Miller.

Over the years, the couple has gathered over 200.000 followers who keep track of their daily lives. While the 23-year-old Bryce concentrates on videography, Hailey began to invest more in becoming a professional photographer and finally launched her own business, where she continues to impress her clients with her amazing work.

i get to marry my soulmate in 2 months…. i will never stop smiling 💛 #countdown

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