At first glance – when scrolling through Patrick Janelle’s Instagram Feed, better known as A Guy Named Patrick – it seems that Patrick is living a leisure life of traveling, paired with good food, drinks and just all things stylish. But the more you take a look behind the curtain you discover an inspiring story of dedication, hard work, and entrepreneurship.

The 35-year-old multitalented Instagrammer has caught our hearts with refreshingly authentic content and an inspiring story that we want to unfold in this article. So follow along and meet the man about town: Patrick Janelle.

Growing up with his two brothers in Colorado, Patrick always had a passion for the outdoors. But it wasn’t until college that he really began to be part of the Colorado mountain culture which also continued when he moved to Aspen for a while. After Patrick left school, the sunny city L.A. became his home for a few years. Soon again Patrick was out for a new change in his life, so he went on to live and work in Frankfurt, Germany for several years. Patrick pursued a career as a Graphic Designer and he had been designing for various print applications, including advertisements, entertainment invitations, editorials and book layouts. In 2011 he got offered a job as a Designer of the Bon Appétit Magazine in New York and so fade came into place because he always has had an affection for the big apple.

“New York. I moved here to pursue design, acting and new businesses. Each morning I can’t wait to take the next step and see where each of those paths will take me.”Patrick Janelle | Source:

Moving to New York had a significant impact on his work and at that time in 2012, he also started his Instagram account. It was his way to connect with friends but the platform also served as a great way to document his life and everyday moments. Patrick always had a strong affection for all things visually appealing and his photos of a good life, food, style and his travels soon shared him a following. The real success came when he was awarded by the Council of Fashion Designers of America as the first Instagrammer of the Year in 2014. Afterward, his followers kept rising to more than 400,000 until today, but Patrick stayed true to his early beginnings. For him, it was always about posting authentic moments of his life and even today he still shots with his iPhone. With consistency, an honest and outgoing approach to what he is up to every day he builds himself a large following and A Guy Namend Patrick became more than just another Instagram account. It’s an authentic place to find inspiring travel shots, restaurant recommendations, classy menswear looks and just a great destination for all things stylish.

“My brand is about a well-curated, but thoughtful lifestyle. Each activity I’m involved in highlights a facet of that lifestyle: food, fashion, and travel. It’s an aspirational brand, but one that is also very attainable because it’s ultimately about seeking out beautiful, meaningful experiences.”Patrick Janelle | Source:

After Patrick gained years of experiences in the publishing industry as a Designer for the renowned Bon Appétit Magazine, Patrick decided to work on his own, building brand partnerships as well as creating secret pop-up gatherings across Manhattan as the co-founder of the Spring Street Social Society. And that didn’t stop him there, he also founded an app and website with his two brothers called The Liquor Cabinet, which offers drink recipes and back stories on cocktails.

So there you have it. Patrick Janelle truly is a man about town who has been sticking to the original concept of Instagram by capturing his daily adventures as they occur and showing us the beauty of is world in a stylish manner. He is an excellent example that you can achieve anything with dedication, hard work, and originality. Building up a healthy network on- and offline, engaging with people and brands and staying true to your working ethos shows that anything is possible. Patrick’s success is the perfect example for that. We are more than thankful that Patrick gave us the chance to highlight his work and his inspiring story. If you want to find out more about what the man about town is up to, make sure to visit his newly launched blog and give him a follow on Instagram.


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