Today’s newcomer lives and blogs from all over the world. It only takes one glance to see that traveling is Sarah’s biggest passion. It’s only been a little over a year since the Australian girl Sarah has started to post on Instagram, but she already has around 70k people following her and her images of lonely bays, crystal-clear water and wild animals on her safaris. Next to her very successful Instagram account, she founded her blog Salty Luxe where she shares her travel tips, insights and experiences in travel guides, with her readers.

First up, we love the name ’Salty Luxe’. Where does this come from?

I love walking a line of salty barefoot travels, as well as enjoying a little bit of luxe too!

Can you tell us a bit about the person behind your insane Instagram feed and the blog of yours?

Thank you! You are so kind. I’m 27 years old, up until 3 days ago I was working a full time job in Marketing. Prior to that I spent six years with one of the most amazing not for profits in the world, the Cancer Council. I have always been passionate about the amazing work of not for profits and I continue to be engaged in this space! I have a Media and Comms degree, majoring in Marketing and Journalism.

What inspired you to start Salty Luxe?

I endured a bit of a health scare actually and this challenged my thinking around a ‘normal’ desk job life. This experience taught me that life is short and making things happen for yourself is your job, no one elses and that we are so lucky to be happy and healthy!

Have you always had a passion for photography?

Yes!! I love photography, but you know what, I wouldn’t call myself a pro. I’m just a girl who likes sharing her travels and experiences with the world in hopes that I can make someone smile and get them motivated to start their own adventure. I really love writing too, I feel both the image and words create the story, which is the other part of Salty Luxe.

Can you talk me through a usual day in your life?

At home, I usually wake up around 6am to walk my dog along my local beach at Byron Bay or I go for a swim. My kick off for the day is around 8.30am when I start working on my emails, doing some admin, organizing logistics of upcoming projects, meetings with clients or flying to various locations and editing my photos or videos. It’s always very busy and very diverse! When I’m in Byron Bay, I love to spend some time with my family around 5pm but when the golden light comes out at 6pm it’s time to shoot, shoot, shoot. At night I usually do more editing and answer some emails. There is no routine when I’m away, it’s all about fly, eat, shoot, edit, sleep.

Do you run your blog full-time?

As of 3 days ago – yes! But I am still taking on project based marketing work too 🙂

What are your five favourite travel destinations?

Belize, Western Australia, Tulum in Mexico, Greek islands and New York.

We absolutely love your feed. When you started Instagram, did you have a similar aesthetic?

With my own personal growth and skill development, I think my editing has improved a lot. So I would say look and feel has too.

What do you think it is about your feed that has seen it gain so much attraction in such a short time?

I hope it’s because I’m real and I love connecting with my audience, many of which inspire me to live my best life too!

When you’re in the shots, who’s taking the photo?

Sometimes tripod, sometimes my partner Matt. He is an absolute trooper, he works full time as an Engineer and still makes time to help me. He’s so creative and inspires me a lot, so I love to travel with him!

The influencer space does seem to lend itself to people making new friends. Do you find yourself hanging out with other bloggers/influencers away from work situations?

Absolutely – I can’t get enough of girl bosses in the industry. I have learnt SO much from my peers, many of which I can call friends now. There is nothing more empowering than being surrounded by people who get you and vibe on what you do… I feel so enriched by this!

What can we expect next from Salty Luxe?

I’m going to be focussing on epic content creation this year, we have sooo many incredible clients we will be working with. I also am going to teach myself how to edit and produce epic video too!

What does your life look like in five years time?

I’ll still be travelling 🙂

Besides her amazing pictures, the 27-year old girl from Australia convinces us with her wanderlust. We will definitely follow Sarah’s work and new projects in the upcoming year. Her accounts are simply inspiring and you should definitely keep the name Salty Luxe in your mind.



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