“There are two things in life that I love the most and they are people and nature. We live in a beautiful world and with my photography, I aspire to show its beauty as much as I aspire to show the beauty of the people who live in it.”Nick Bondarev

From the steep coastal cliffs to ice-covered landscapes, mountains and the mundane grassland: The harsh nature of the northern regions certainly has an undeniable attraction for adventurers and photographers. One of them certainly is the Russian globetrotter, photographer and videographer Nick Bondarev, who has been on the road for more than nine years, capturing the northern nature and its inhabitants with his camera.

Follow us on a breathtaking journey to the most remote places and witness the purity of these abandoned landscapes and the few people who live there. From Iceland, Greenland, Mongolia and many more – the outdoor adventurer Nick Bondarev show us the immaculate beauty of our planet.

If you would ask Nick how many countries he’s already visited, he probably couldn’t tell because numbers don´t really count for him it´s the experiences that he makes while on the road. For the past nine years, the photographer has been traveling the globe without a permanent place to call home. Nick Bondarev was born and raised in Uzbekistan and moved to cold Siberia when he was seven years old. He dropped out of school very early which was after the ninth grade.

“I’ve always had another vision of the world, and actually, I’ve been living in my own world, and photography was just the best way to show my vision.”Nick Bondarev | Source: squaremuse.com

Nick bought his first camera from a flea market where he was working and soon photography became the tool to show his vision. With time, he became more and more professional, from fashion shootings and commercial projects he soon ventured into wedding photography at a fairly high level. At first, it was all about earning money but it was a tough market in Russia and he soon realized that he was not really having an impact even when he started to focus more on family photography.

Nick decided that he didn´t want to work as a commercial photographer exclusively and so he started to travel because he always had a distinct passion for the outdoors; exploring nature helped him to focus more on creative projects. He was shooting a documentary about the problem of garbage in Indonesia and he also worked on an intimate story about the Mongolian eagle hunters. At that time he had already shot in places like Mongolia, Iceland and Greenland. This motivated him to realize one of his biggest projects yet; a book called “Northern Winds” which is about his travels and stories he had experienced when he explored Iceland, Greenland and the Himalaya.

“The book reveals the atmosphere and energy of the northern nature and the people living in these regions, and it contains the stories about their interactions.“Nick Bondarev | Source: nickbondarev.com

To date, Nick Bondarev has been traveling non-stop across the globe and he is still attracted by the ever-moving elements of nature shaping the most amazing spots that the human eye can witness. Nick not only managed to capture the cinematic landscapes, he also documented the people and the centuries-old cultures. He often calls Iceland his home for a short period and because it was not enough to document his travel and blog about it, Nick started to organize adventurous trips. Today, he is leading expeditions to the northern countries, to the Arctic and places like Mongolia, Iceland, Kamchatka, Greenland and many more destination to follow. We hope that you enjoyed this memorable trip into the life and work of Nick Bondarev. Make sure to read his stories on his blog and follow him on Instagram.


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