They share a blog together, run a joint Instagram account, have an apartment in South East London and have the same DNA – Jordan and Loanne Collyer are identical twins, who created “The Collyer Twins” to share their inspiring looks and passion for travels and are also working as a successful DJ duo. You can follow the exciting life of the 26-year-old British women on their Instagram channel together with around 50 thousand followers. We contacted them to get to know more about their life as twins and fashion and lifestyle bloggers.

To start things off, tell us a bit about you. Where are you from? Who are you?

We’re Jordan and Loanne, identical twins who love everything, travel, fashion and food! We were born in South East London in Bromley but moved to Portugal at the age of 14 until we were 18, then came back to the UK for University.

You’re sisters, running your blog together and also work as a DJane Duo. How do you keep the balance in your personal life?

It’s very much intertwined in our personal lives, it started as a hobby, so it’s non-stop, we don’t really switch off because it’s our passion and what we would be doing in our spare time as well.

How does a typical workday look like?

Every day is very different and that’s what keeps it so exciting and fresh. For example yesterday, we woke up at 6 am to attend a fitness launch, came home, sifted through emails and planned a couple of shoots then prepared for a DJ set that evening for a Michael Kors and Vogue event.

Why did you decide to join Instagram?

Besides being very stimulated by visual content, creating it and seeing it, we could see the rapid growth and business opportunity in it.

When did you consider running your own blog and working as a DJ duo? And why?

Jordan: I started the blog back in 2014 as a means to showcase my passion for style and fashion; then when Loanne graduated a year later, we decided to join forces and do it together. We knew doing it together would be our USP and what would set us apart from the rest.

What was the best experience you had so far through your blog, music or Instagram?

So many highlights it’s crazy! Blogging side of things: Our feature with Vogue and our press trip to LA with CHLOE to promote their Nomade perfume. DJing at El Dorado Festival and Secret Garden Party last year the crowd was so great and responsive!

What are your 3 favorite songs for the upcoming summer season 2018?

  • 2 people – Louis La Roche remix
  • One Kiss – DuaLipa
  • Pana – Tekno

You are also traveling a lot. How and where do you find your inspirations?

Inspiration comes from everywhere, traveling and being immersed in new cultures and meeting new people is a huge inspiration of ours!

“If you believe you can achieve!”

Jordan and Loanne Collyer

Do you have some plans and exciting projects for the upcoming months you can share with us?

We’re working with RESERVED the fashion brand and Hunter and have some very exciting campaigns and summer gigs coming up. El Dorado & Wheels & Fins to name a few.

What are your dreams for your future?

To have our own clothing line, travel more and to be doing everything we’re doing now but on a bigger scale!

Tell us something about each other we wouldn’t expect.

Jordan: Loanne talks in her sleep.
Loanne: Jordan always hums when she eats.


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