At this point, most of us know all the top influencers of categories like beauty and fashion; but there are not only people on the top of the list of the most important influencers in the world. Pets are also big trendsetters and are able to match up against their human colleagues. Probably the best-known internet pet is the forever grouchy-looking Grumpy Cat. She has already been booked for numerous influencer campaigns; for example, German car manufacturer Opel has hired her before and she has been the brand ambassador for the cat food brand Friskies since 2013.

The American business magazine Forbes regularly publishes a ranking of the most influential influencers of different segments and just published a ranking for all animal stars as well (Source: Forbes). Pet influencers have been booked by high profile brands like Uber, Google, Amazon and AirBnB. This doesn’t come as a surprise, as the pelt noses reach more than 22.7 million followers combined just on Instagram, according to Forbes’ ranking. Reason enough for us to show you the most successful pet influencers right now in our Weekly Dose of Inspiration.

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