The “iPad Magician” Simon Pierro is a prime example of a modern day influencer and entertainer; he has managed to create an entertainment program for people of all ages and interests. However, instead of pulling rabbits out of his hat, he lets his iPad shoot water or Lego bricks, sets it on fire, or spiders crawl out from under it. Unlike his younger magic peers, he started his career on television; his milestones there are over 20 performances in the German-wide famous show “Verstehen Sie Spaß?”, as well as performing on various other entertainment channels and shows. Pierro’s success finally spread on to the international level and in February 2015 he appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, where he amazed and fascinated millions behind American TV screens.

Pierro, however, is not only successful on TV, though – despite his rather irregular uploads, he has gathered over 250.00 subscribers on YouTube; some of his videos have gone viral and boast with several million views. For example, take a look at his elevator spider prank with over 14 million views or his “cooperation” with a chimpanzee with over 6 million views.

Pierro does not only perform in typical TV shows; by now, he has attained a position where he is asked to perform as an entertainer for conferences of large corporations. He has made himself a crossover product, as he combines magic, an originally ancient art, with the iPad, one of the major symbols for digitization. The transition to the business world is closer than one might think at first; Pierro is always under intense scrutiny, can never make a mistake, and has to surprise his audience constantly. Our increasingly digitized world makes it harder and harder to stay up to date with the newest trends, the next feature, or a viral hit. As a contrast to this development, the magician’s program serves as an enjoyable thought-provoking comment, because, just as in marketing, innovation is the order of the day for him – as nobody wants to see the same trick twice.

“With over 80 million views on YouTube, Simon Pierro is THE iPad Magician and one of the most sought-out magicians of the digital age.

His performances for large corporations are not only a string of tricks for entertainment – Pierro discusses the creative process and shows videos on how he works. Even though his work routine differs from that of his audience, the change of perspective and the insights into his way of working showcase in an entertaining way how both professions overlap at times. His performance is then not only enjoyable but also educational.

Pierro showcases LEGO’s newest collection at the time.

Companies can book the magician for product presentations as well; he then designs a performance tailored to their brand’s newest collection. Herein lies one of the unique selling points of the brand Simon Pierro; as the iPad reaches out to target audiences of all ages and interests, Pierro is able to always cater his performance to whomever he wants to, remains extremely flexible in his approach and what he can offer his customers. Be that in front of millions in Ellen Degeneres’ show, on German TV, for LEGO, or at the beach of Miami, his ability to reach his audience in a unique way is almost real magic. With the iPad as his magic kit and YouTube as his virtual stage, Pierro is not only extremely entertaining but also a prime example for a successful influencer in our digitized world.



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