Aaron Benitez and Prince Michael are the two stars of the YouTube and Facebook channels AaronsAnimals that entertain people of all ages. It doesn’t really matter whether you’re a cat or dog person, the antics of this dynamic duo are sure to make you crack a smile. Aaron is no stranger to the social media world himself; his first channel, thevfxbro, was already quite the success and still boasts 281.000 subscribers, even though its last video is from two years ago. Aaron took the animation skills he taught his viewers on his old channel, put them to great use on his new one, and added his own sense of humor into the mix. Now, he also plays a regular part in his own videos, often setting the scene or story for the rest of the clip.

We were curious about the man behind – and sometimes in front of – the camera and asked Aaron for an interview. He happily obliged and gave us his take on social media, being an influencer himself, and his plans for the future.

Aaron, thanks for doing this interview with us. You are a man of many talents and present on all social media platforms; if you had to describe yourself and what you do in one or two sentences, what would you say?

I have a background in Hollywood visual effects that I use to make entertaining videos with my cats.

Making clever and funny animal videos is how most people know you. However, you’ve been on YouTube since 2010 with your first channel thevfxbro, successfully offering tutorials on Adobe After Effects and getting your name out there. What made you switch channels, was it a conscious decision, did you realize you could reach more people this way, or something else?

I felt like I had already taught most of all I had to offer in the VFX world without moving into the level of effects that typically require $100k editing bays and a team of artists. I wanted to start using my passion to create stories in a way that could be enjoyed by people outside of the VFX community. I had already been making vines with an animated stuffed animal as well that I enjoyed and had been received well.

You are successful on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram all at the same time. Which one of those is your personal favorite and why?

Our biggest audience is on Facebook which I enjoy because the top comments are aggregated to the top. I’ve also found that Facebook offers our most engaged audience and has the most options for communicating with the audience.

What are your working essentials, the bare minimum to make the next viral hit with Michael, the star of most of your videos?

My laptop, camera, and Michael!

Aaron, influencers have long been established in the States; in Germany, however, public opinion on them is still controversial at times. How has your experience been? 

People still have mixed feelings about our content mostly because cats are kind of a dividing animal. I think if we made viral dog videos, people might have a different view on what we’re doing.

Staying in the loop and on people’s minds is generally seen as extremely important for influencers. You, however, upload rather infrequently compared to most popular YouTubers, while your videos are still wildly successful and you manage to stay relevant. What’s your stance and experience on daily or weekly uploads?

I wish I could upload much more, although it’s difficult because our videos require so much work on the production and post-production side.

What was your favorite cooperation so far?

I loved working with Disney because we were able to attend the Zootopia premier.

What does the future hold for you? Do you have big plans, are we going to see another YouTube channel from you?

We hope to release a TV show some day!

Whether it will be a TV show or more success on social media in the future, we are definitely stoked for more of Aaron’s and Prince Michael’s adventures!


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