Even if it’s unnatural and mystic – magic always catches people and it’s been used since the 15th century. Magic, wizardry or witchcraft, it doesn’t matter how you call it, but it always reaches out to people and asks for strong reactions – even though, everyone with logical thinking knows that magic rationally is impossible. Despite we love to give in to the illusion and become enchanted by the tricks and mystical appearance of the artists. If in the real world or fictional – witches and magicians have always been part of myths, legends or poetry like the mystic stories about Merlin but also in modern literature. Harry Potter moved whole generations with his story and enchanted us with his magic. But even in real life, magicians or illusionists can be successful by creating a magic world of their own – endless people have been fascinated by the magic tricks of David Copperfieldr and others that trick them.

To reach the people, young magicians don’t have to create a big mystic show anymore, as they can easily enchant people on the streets and build a community through social media. The magic behind those short videos attracts many and for that reason, we want to present you some young magic talents from all over the world. In our ‚Weekly Dose of Inspiration,‘ we’ll show you their magical and funny tricks, they became famous for.

It’s a kind of magic…


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