With their trending food blog Eat this!, Nadine Horn and Jörg Mayer are known for their continuous supply of yummy vegan recipes that blow our minds. Now, they’re making sure that their cookbooks are just as much part of our daily meal planning, as are their amazing food posts. We’ve taken a closer look at Vegan Street Food and would love to give you some insight into the German cookbook. We hope that our review can be of help if you’re not sure if you should make the purchase or not – or that it will convince you, that a vegan diet can be appealing as well. If a German cookbook isn’t for you and the effort of translating the recipes into your language isn’t worth the struggle, we’re recommending you go and check out their Instagram account, where Jörg and Nadine share mouthwatering recipes in the English language.

The Look & Feel

At a first glance, the gorgeous images of more than fifty recipes are as captivating as the cover of Vegan Street Food. In perfect accordance to the street food theme, all pictures have a more rustic look to them and seem to be edited with a vintage flair. Each recipe is presented on a spread, showing one individual picture on the left side and listing the ingredients and instructions on the right. Street Food displayed authentically – this also means that we get to see shots of food grabbed by hands for a to-go-look, always arranged perfectly imperfect and kind of slack. The look of each definitely meets our expectations when we think of street food. When browsing through the many pages of the book, you can’t help but stop at some of the recipes as the visuals alone spark our interest.

The Content

The name says it all. This cookbook isn’t an unstructured collection of wildly mixed vegan recipes, but rather a thought-out selection of healthy fast food alternative as we know them from food trucks. Nadine Horn and Jörg Mayer start off their book with an introduction of the history of street food, going into detail about how veganism has become an integral part of society. Food trucks are an important part of this development as they are the ones that started to put vegan street food options onto their menus, making it more accessible to everyone interested. Today, there is at least one plant-based option between the classic versions of wraps and burgers.

The book is divided into the exact categories that we’re already familiar with from food truck festivals: tacos, wraps, bowls, salads, burgers, sandwiches and finger food. The selection of recipes is topped off with a choice of dips and sauces to cook yourself and there are also instructions on how to make homemade tacos and burger buns. Fast food the healthy way – with this cookbook, we learn how to do just that. If you should stumble upon an unknown ingredient while browsing through the recipes, a glossary will help you learn more about the kind and origin of the food. Additionally, we are provided with tips on where to buy rather rare ingredients, apart from our classic supermarkets.

Our Résumé

We’re not only visually impressed by Vegan Street Food, but have also already tested some of the recipes. For today’s book review, we decided to tempt you with our favorite recipe which is also pictured on the cover of the book: Mojitofu Tacos. We even made the tacos ourselves. They’re not only super easy to make but were very delicious as well – and have whetted our appetite for more! Aside from Mexican finger food and classic American-inspired burgers, there are some Asian meals to try. We’re very enthusiastic about the third book of a total of four publications by the amazing Eat this!-duo from Germany. We recommend the book for anyone looking for casual plant-based alternatives or for those that are already on a plant-based diet and are trying to find easy and creative recipes that promise a variety of deliciousness.