If you ever find yourself visiting the Instagram account of Agnieszka aka Apaltynowicz, you’ll mainly find two things: wonderful dreamy pictures of sweet pastries as well as fruity breakfast inspirations. The sympathetic Polish girl from a small town near Warsaw shares primarily her passion for food photography and complemented them with recipes on her blog once in a while. Let’s take a closer look at the work of the young Polish women.

At first glance, Agnieszka’s Instagram account seems to be owned by a food influencer.  Agnieszka’s personal preference is very clear – she loves photography. Which is also what she focuses on her blog. Under the name Apaltynowicz she shares her work with her readers.  Her obvious focus is on the food photography, whereby you can also find some images of beautiful still lifes, portrait shootings and interior or landscape photography.

Her adventure with photography began several years ago. Holding her first camera in her hands, she was taking pictures of nature; flowers, bees but also friends. She also had a short episode with fashion photography, but over time she has found that food products are way more gracious for her.

Agnieszka doesn’t have a good answer to the question when she got into food photography. She has always liked to cook and has been passionate about that. Even more, she loves to eat. As a result, she decided to start a culinary blog and with the blog, there have to be pictures. Agnieszka’s enthusiasm for writing has ended as quickly as it began, but the passion to take pictures has remained. Today, her blog and Instagram profile are especially about inspiring images of her cooking skills. Her recipes are oriented toward sweets like pancakes, fluffy waffles, succulent brownies and creamy cakes. But you will also find some rich dishes on her blog as well – so there is something for everyone.

Agnieszka acknowledges that she owes Instagram a lot and she wouldn’t be where she is without this social media network. Because of Instagram, she got some more attention for her work and her blog. This is what gives her the determination and discipline needed to produce more and more pictures. She loves to discover Instagram on her own and gets inspired by other food stylists who make beautiful creations. If you would like to get inspired by Agnieszka’s work, make sure to follow her for some mouth-watering food photography.

Five “random facts” about Agnieszka:

  • She’s an architect by training.
  • She loves to sleep and isn’t definitely a morning person.
  • She’s a cat-lover. She would embrace all cats of the world.
  • She’s addicted to cola and tomato soup.
  • Before each session, she feels as if it would be her first – thanks to that, each one is equally important to her and she puts all her energy into it, so the results are always the best possible.



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