The length doesn’t matter – whether short or long, thick or thin; hair is always different. In that, it is just like every person; it has its own style. You develop a style that suits you best and, usually, you stay with that one – but isn’t it sometimes nice to change it up a little bit? It doesn’t necessarily have to be a new haircut, but maybe trying out a different approach, just to be daring and try something new, can be inspiring.

No one actually has time to reinvent themselves over and over again and that’s why a variety of beauty bloggers offer different hair tutorials to spread inspiration among their followers. You can find everything – from everyday looks to volume stylings or extensive braidings – to try and style for yourself. Because there are millions of videos all over YouTube, we collected some of the most inspiring YouTubers and their different hair tutorials for you.

Sazan Hendrix

As a new mother, Sazan regularly inspires over 300k followers on her YouTube channel with lovable videos about her life and styling tips for hair, make-up and fashion. On her blog Sazan, she writes about her everyday life – for example, as a new mum – as well as her wishes and experiences in general. Next to her work as a full-time blogger, she founded Blessbox, which is a home delivery package for her subscribers that offers monthly beauty and styling products. Sazan is Kurdish but grew up in the US, where she now lives in a beautiful house in California together with her husband and their newborn daughter. In their house, Sazan can become creative with all the beautiful things that create a perfect life.

Sazan’s Social Channels

Alex Gaboury

Long, beautiful and blonde hair – the dream of many women: Alex Gaboury easily combines traditional elegance with a modern twist. The beautiful Canadian shares all kinds of hairstyles with her followers on her YouTube channel and her blog. She expanded her YouTube channel with the blog because she wants to better herself every day a little bit and that is how she wants to inspire her followers. The styles are easy to recreate and, on the blog, she gives written step-by-step instructions to help with the stylings. It seems like there is nothing she can’t do – simple ponytail, braiding or elegant updo hairstyle – everything is quickly done and looks stunning. Her ideas are always a well-balanced mix of casual and chic, as she gives her traditional hairstyles an undone look. Besides her beautiful hair tutorials, she wants to inspire others with a positive lifestyle and that’s the reason why she decided to also share things about her life and more with her audience.

Alex’s Social Channels

Sarah Horgen

Very short hair, as is common when wearing a Pixie cut, is not a style for everyone, as it needs courage and an everyday styling because you can’t just leave the house wearing a ponytail. Sarah Horgen is a blogger and creates videos for YouTube, in which she shows her followers how to style the Pixie cut in different ways. When she was 15, she decided to cut her hair short – even though it was ‘only’ a bob at that time – and then continued until she reached her signature look: the Pixie. She loves to share the different styles you can create with the short her and wants to inspire others not to be afraid of cutting their hair. Through her passion for hair, fashion and the mood of the 60’s, she decided to launch a blog when she was 21 to share everything that is important to her with her followers.

Sarah’s Social Channels

Nina Starck

The Danish woman Nina Starck doesn’t show off her face on social media, but instead of it, she inspires with a variety of creative hairstyles she creates with her daughter’s hair. On YouTube, as well as on Instagram, Nina shares unusual braiding techniques with her followers, some of which you might never even have thought of. Her focus definitely lies on the creation of different styles as she does not show anything about her private life, only the back of her daughter’s head. Even though we would love to know more about the artist that she is, you can only admire the beautiful artwork she does with the hair and become inspired for the next big event to recreate one of her unique braiding styles.

Nina’s Social Channels

Melissa Alatorre

With dark hair and bright blue eyes, you can only call Melissa Alatorre a real natural beauty. She has over 560k subscribers on her YouTube channel, following her through her daily life vlogs, where she shares her life with us. The half-Mexican beauty lives in LA but started her career actually in the TV business. But she had to determine quite early that beauty seems to be her real destiny as she found herself more often in the make-up room than with the filming crew. She decided to start working as a freelance make-up artist and founded her successful YouTube Channel where she shares fascinating but also natural looks for hair and make-up.

Melissa’s Social Channels


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