We always love to introduce people that have made a living out of their passion. Today, we’d like to go one step further and present a personality that hasn’t only been striving for her dream job since a very young age but who also has established and perfected both her career and brand. Kristin Ess is a celebrity hairstylist from Los Angeles – with heart and soul. In the following article, we would like to tell you all about how she found her job and turned it into an inspiring career, how she uses social media to build her own brand and why we picked her as an example for best practice.

Kristin grew up with nine siblings. As one of the oldest, there was always someone’s hair she had to take care of or style while she was still in school. This is when she started to develop a passion for the job of a hairdresser. In fourth grade, she wrote a job report about being a hairdresser – which her mom has kept framed until today. At age fifteen, Kristin began to work as an apprentice at a Beverly Hills hair salon. There, she didn’t only make her first money but she learned everything she needed to develop her talent. She deepened her knowledge by styling models for photo shoots. At the tender age of twenty, Kristin could be found backstage at fashion shows, styling hair for Diesel, Marc Jacobs and Thom Browne. Her first celebrity client was Amber Valetta – her new hairstyle created by Kristin immediately made it into important print magazines such as Elle, Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar.

After that, it didn’t take long for more celebrities to book the talented redhead as their personal hairstylist. Many of them are still loyal regular clients – among them actress Lucy Hale, dancer Jenna Dewan Tatum as well as The Hills star and everybody’s darling Lauren Conrad, with whom Kristin also works on different projects besides the personal styling. For Kristin, it was only a stone’s throw from the posh hair salon she used to work in, to her own studio with celebrity clientele. But this is only when Kristin’s career really started to take off.

In 2011, she partnered with make-up artist Amy Nadine, who is responsible for breathtaking celebrity looks on the red carpet, to found a website called The Beauty Department. The aim of their site is to build a bridge between red carpet glamour and the bathroom mirrors of the modern woman at home. Both career women wanted to spread their knowledge concerning the topics hair, nails, and make-up. By today, there are thousands of articles on the website, offering everything we need to know – from hairstyle trends and detailed brush guides to various curling techniques and styling ideas for any kind of occasion.

No matter what you’re looking for – you’ll find it at The Beauty Department. Until the current day, the website is a source of inspiration for thousands of young women, trying to reproduce the looks of celebrities. With their exceptional ideas, their perfectly-imperfect hairstyles and their detailed tutorials, Amy and Kristin were pioneers online – in 2011, there was nothing that could compare. The appealing visual editing of their tutorials paved their own paths and thus, TBD-tutorials were the only ones in the beauty category of Pinterest. The platform was starting to get bigger at that very same time, tripling the website’s visits almost overnight (source: The Every Girl).

With Kristin’s likable character and her open willingness to help others on The Beauty Department came to the success on Instagram, which was a rather young platform at that point. Today, Kristin counts more than 430,000 followers, inspiring them with their daily dose of gracefully elegant or masterly casual hairstyles. Especially the hairstyles of Lauren Conrad are amongst the most sought-after styles worldwide. Lauren books Kristin not only for red carpet events but also for all kinds of job-related shootings such as lookbooks for various clothing brands or for her books. With her playfully braided, slightly messy hairstyles or the world-famous signature waves, Kristin established her position on social media once and for all.

You thought that these are enough obligations for a young woman in her mid-thirties? Not for Kristin. In 2017, she started taking her career to the next level. In collaboration with the American discounter giant Target, Kristin launched her own hair care line Kristin Ess Hair. The products range from shampoos and conditioners to treatments and all sorts of little styling products. With prices from 10 to 12 dollars, Kristin describes her line as an affordable collection of luxury products that give everyone the chance to create modern hairstyles at home.

But what is it that makes Kristin so special and uniquely successful? How can she – seemingly with the greatest of ease – master that many projects at the same time and why do all of them turn into success? The answers to that are pretty easy to find. The base of her success is, without any doubt, her amazing talent. Here, she can draw from unlimited resources and keeps surprising us with her coloring techniques, trend-setting haircuts, and styles that will make it to the top of every beauty-related Pinterest board. She is always one step ahead, creating new trends as she goes. Of course, her celebrity clientele has helped her a lot concerning visibility – Kristin was able to massively profit from their reach. But it was her talent that made said celebrities recommend her and showcase her amazing work.

The exceptional thing about Kristin is that she hasn’t just focused on her celebrity clients. With both The Beauty Department and Kristin Ess Hair, she has made it possible for all her followers to create celebrity looks at home. Not many brands are able to keep the balance between luxury on one side and the broad mass of customers on the other side. It seems like Kristin has no trouble managing this task, satisfying the needs of everyone interested in her work – both customers and followers. She is always on point, offering support and help for those asking. With the launch of her hair care series, she started publishing video tutorials on her Instagram account, showing in detail the various ways to use her products to create new and individual styling for all types of hair. She is offering a holistic approach to make her products as accessible and useful as possible.

The most important reason for her success must be her connection to her followers for whom she always has an open ear. She uses their direct feedback to improve her products. If followers keep asking about a certain hairstyle, there will be a helpful tutorial coming their way, soon. Her customers ask and Kristin delivers. If you’re that closely connected to your target group, listen carefully and offer what they need to be satisfied, your projects will succeed. The sympathetic Kristin says herself that she doesn’t regret any of the steps along her career and would do the exact same again if given the chance (source: The Every Girl). We hope that Kristin will continue her path as confident and with the same ease – but especially with her amazing abilities – and will surely continue to follow her along the way.

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