The beauty world of social media is full of incredible influencers and content creators. So for us, it seems to be hard to become part of it. But someone who made it in the last couple of years and who is always growing is beauty and fashion newcomer Laura Bradshaw. The lovely 29-year-old from the UK lives with her husband Chris in Essex. She is a trained graphic designer and worked for different magazines over the last years, but next to this she still managed to start her own blog.

Laura Bradshaw

Laura can probably not be called a real newcomer as she has been blogging for many years now. But when she started her blog, it was called ‚Tiny Twist‘ until she decided in 2017 to rename it and go with her real name: Laura Bradshaw. She had the feeling of growing out of her old blog name as it matched her way of living and her feelings when she started blogging: Her life was all about going out on the weekends, shooting those outfits and just enjoying life. But that time went by like the years passed by as well. Now, that she feels more like a grown-up with a husband it just seems to be the right thing for her to go with a proper name that fits her new lifestyle and her audience as well.

Laura Bradshaw

“Do it with passion, or not at all.”LAURA BRADSHAW | SOURCE:

Laura still loves to share her outfits and the different styles she creates, but there is usually a story next to the outfit inspiration she offers. Though she calls herself a grown-up now, she loves to combine different shades of colors or highlight an outfit with a colorful statement piece. It seems like she got everything in her wardrobe – from floral print dresses to minimalistic pieces, she offers a big variation of outfit combinations. And the best thing is: her outfits are affordable. Laura loves to dress in Asos, Nasty Gal, Zara or Bershka and she always links her clothes so that we can easily find them online.

Laura Bradshaw

Next, to her fashion addiction, she is even more addicted to berets – those tiny, little, french hats. She has them in every possible color and found many ways to style them. We don’t know when her love for berets started, but it is surely a love of her life.

„I have a beret in every single color. Because I absolutely love wearing them!“LAURA BRADSHAW | SOURCE: Laura Bradshaw.

Laura Bradshaw

Another important topic on her blog and her YouTube channel is her love for make-up and hair. Not like many beauty bloggers from the UK, she usually goes with a more natural make-up-look and voluminous, wavy hair. She likes to underline her beautiful blue eyes with a thin eyeliner and mascara, and sometimes she gives her look a refreshment with a colorful lipstick. Her hair is originally straight and without any volume, that’s why she loves to give her audience some tips and tricks on how to get the perfect messy hair look.

Besides to her outfit posts and tips for hair and makeup, Laura loves to give her readers some advice from time to time. This can be something about how she got to know her husband or about her wedding, she was planning or even about how she feels about Instagram influencing her life. The mix of fashion advice and more serious, life-affecting content is what makes us want to read her blog. Her texts are always well written with a good sense of humor and you can see the experience she already gained in editing. She never only talks about herself but includes advice for her audience and tries to serve all of her readers.

„Hold up. This is my freakin’ JOB. My blog has become my virtual child. This journal has become a whole lot more than just a few paragraphs on why I like something. It’s personal and it’s all mine.“LAURA BRADSHAW | SOURCE:

Laura Bradshaw

One of the most honest and lovable stories she tells are her „Journey to my husband“ stories in which she describes some sweet but also horrible dates and how they will all lead her to her future husband Chris. Her way of telling those stories makes the reader feel as if your best friend just told you about her last dates and how everything went. You have a nice laugh together and just say screw him. With her style of writing, Laura makes us feel like being part of her world and that’s why we are interested what she still got for us. So we’ll keep following her on her way.


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