Facebook rolls out a new group format, called Work Groups.

The special feature of the new group format is that users can see not only the names of the members but also the job description or at least the name of the employer directly.

Furthermore, working groups can be configured to allow every member to write to each other privately. Facebook usually does not allow this.

Why is Facebook doing this?

The new format makes it easier to introduce new features – without having to make them globally available to everyone. In particular, the option of users being able to exchange information privately via the group, even though they are not even friends with each other offers great advantages for both private and business collaborations.

Possible scenarios

We think that the new format was not primarily developed for companies, as most of them already have internal (e.g. the intranet or their wikis) and external systems (such as Slack, Microsoft Teams, and even Facebook’s workplace) solutions.

These workgroups could, however, be of advantage to non-profit associations in various projects or cooperations with other associations, communities, etc.


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