Back in August of 2017, visual social media platform Pinterest launched a new feature called Shop the Look. At the time, the new feature – which allows users to tag products in their pictures – was only available for the American market. Brazil introduced the tool just a little later. Since mid-March, Shop the Look is available in Germany, the UK, France, and Japan as well.

Pinterest works as a visual search engine, offering its users inspiration in countless areas with home and fashion being two of the most popular categories. When finding a pin that matches exactly what we’ve been looking for, the desire to find and shop the exact products from the picture becomes stronger. Shop the Look offers exactly that, creating added value for both users and the owner of the pin.

A small white circle in the images indicates that products are tagged in this specific pin. The owner of a pin isn’t only adding value by providing information to the users, but he can also profit from tagging products: By working with affiliate networks when tagging the products, commissions can be generated when the products are being sold through Pinterest. If you’re producing great images with purchasable content, Shop the Look can be a lucrative tool for you. A new feature that doesn’t only generate traffic to your website but that can also increase your conversion rate.

According to Pinterest, pins with a white circle are clicked twice as much as regular pins. And it’s no surprise – to be able to easily realize ideas offline that you’ve previously seen online on Pinterest is highly appreciated by users of the platform. For the launch of the new feature in the four new countries, Pinterest has invited renowned shops and influencers to help introduce the new tool. In France for example, giant furniture shop Maisons du Monde is supporting the launch. In Germany, popular influencers such as Nina of Fashiioncarpet in the fashion area and Svenja of Traumzuhause for the interior department work as good examples of how the tool works, introducing the new feature to their followers. We’re convinced that Pinterest has taken yet another successful step in becoming a visual search engine with a shopping feature and we’re sure the innovative platform will see more positive development in the future.