From snowy mountains to sun-drenched landscapes and hazy horizons – Renee Hahnel, the Aussie travel blogger and aspiring photographer set out to follow her dream and explore the beauty of the outdoors with her awe-inspiring imagery.

Twenty-five years ago, Renee’s story began on a beautiful little farm close to Melbourne, Australia. Renee Hahnel was born into an adventurous and loving family and as a kid, she loved being outside, enjoying the beauty of nature right in front of her door. You would always find her riding horses, playing in the mud and running around the farm with her sister. One thing her parents taught her was that experiences are worth more than possessions. The family lived very modestly and they tried to save up for their travels as much as they could. Taking days off and enjoying road trips was always something that played a big role in Renee’s family life and her parents took the kids on travels to New Zealand, Europe and adventures all over South East Asia.

Soon enough it was time for Renee to create her own adventures: After her first year of studying to be a speech therapist, Renee decided to go on a 2-month backpacking trip across South America. Even though it didn’t turn out as expected, the 19-year-old was sure that this hadn’t been her last trip. In the years to come, she was often on the road exploring destinations like India, North America and Europe. Amidst all of these adventures, Renee was determined enough to finish her studies and work as a speech therapist in Melbourne.

“Being out in nature is my therapy… it’s a time that I can be truly present and absorb the wonders of this magnificent world.”Renee Hahnel | Source: Instagram.

In 2014, Renee’s boyfriend Matthew, whom she met eight years ago, asked her to be his wife and the couple got married shortly after. Adventuring and exploring the outdoors was always something the couple had in common and since Matthew has already achieved a longstanding career as a professional photographer, it’s no wonder that Renee also got into photography herself. In 2015, the couple decided to leave Australia behind, as they always had dreamed of living in the States and choose to relocate to Colorado. Even though they had never been there before, they both knew that they wanted to live close to the mountains. Renee and Matthew had already been trying to win an American Green Card for a couple of years and as fate would have it, they were finally chosen through the DV lottery.

They packed all their belongings and started a new chapter in their lives, everything worked out great and they found a new home in Boulder, Colorado. Whenever they had the time, they tried to go on as many local and interstate adventures as possible. In August of 2017, the couple decided to take on a nomadic lifestyle and ditch their 9-5 jobs for a #vanlife on the road. Since then, the talented blogger and her husband have been on a mission to visit all 59 national parks in the States.

“Everyone has different passions and things that drive them throughout their life. For me, it is the happiness of being at the summit of a mountain, of snowboarding in powder, of capturing that epic sunset and experiencing the solitude of camping in the wilderness. It’s the adventures taken and the experiences to look forward to.”Renee Hahnel | Source:

Renee’s wanderlust has taken her around the globe; she has traveled over 31 countries and five continents. Over the years, the ambitious blogger, photographer, and travel addict has managed to amaze an ever-growing following with her adventure stories and stunning photography. Her blog is like an open book for travel junkies, photography lovers, and adventurous souls. She shares her experiences, travel advice, Instagram tips and secrets behind her amazing pictures. There is definitely more to come and will follow along on the journey of Renee Hahnel.


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