Jayden Spinks, better known as @misterspinks on Instagram, is a travel photographer you should definitely keep an eye on. Growing up in Utah close to Zion national park, he developed a love for nature and mountainous landscapes early on in his life. On his Instagram account, you can follow Jayden on his trips to different U.S. states such as Montana, Oregon, Nevada, Alaska, and California – but he also travels abroad to Canada or even Iceland.

No matter where he is, Jayden manages to take beautiful shots of the landscapes around him; for example, he captures the desert formations in his home state Utah, breathtaking roadways between Washington and Oregon, or the crystal clear water in front of the snow-covered mountain ranges of Moraine Lake in Canada. Wherever he goes, Jayden makes sure he knows his hotspots and isn’t afraid to drive through the night to make it just in time for sunrise, transferring the mystical atmosphere to his images.

If looking at the images of his many travels on his Instagram account isn’t enough for you, you can also head on over to his blog, where he publishes blogposts about his travels, the latest about his trip to Iceland. There, he doesn’t only write about the spots he visited and places he saw, but she shares even more pictures that are worth taking a look at. Jayden announced on his blog that he is trying to get more into people photography and we’re excited to see the results. But until then, we’ll keep enjoying the calming pictures he posts of our beautiful nature.


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