The number of countries Agnieszka “Aggie” Lal has visited during the course of her studies alone is higher than others get to visit in their entire life. At the age of 19, the native Pole moved to Australia, where she finished her studies – without missing the opportunity to take one semester in Brazil. After some radical private experiences, she decided that she needed a change of scenery and bought a one-way ticket to Los Angeles, which up till today is her chosen place of residence. Today, we’d like to introduce you to Aggie’s motivational attitude, her fascinating travels, and her work as a travel influencer.

Aggie describes herself as adventurous and thrill-seeking. That is the reason why, apart from lots of images taken at dream beaches, she also shares many pictures of thrilling experiences, such as a bath with an elephant in Chiang Mai or in a Mexican cenote, a kayak tour in the Philippines, or her 54-day sailing trip on the Pacific Ocean. Whether it is a relaxing vacation at the spa of a hotel or an adrenaline-loaded adventure trip – Aggie is open to anything, tries everything and always has her next travel destination in sight.

Aggie uses her different channels very individually and adapts them to the purpose of each platform. Her Instagram account invites you to daydream a little. In this visual network, Aggies shares the prettiest pictures of her travels, skillfully posing underneath palm trees or at the beach, between monuments and memorials and manages to take us into her world of traveling. Each of her images is a stunner, a perfect strike, and surely is saved in the travel inspiration folder of many of her nearly 250.000 followers on Instagram. In addition to that, Aggies uses Instagram to share up-to-date pictures, taking us with her almost in real time.

The video sharing platform YouTube is used by Aggie for two main topics: travel diaries and motivational videos. For the last year, she has uploaded content to the platform and published several videos a month. In her travel diaries, where she picks a certain day, place, or event to film with her camera, we get an unfiltered and more accurate glimpse at the travels of the young Polish woman. In her videos, we can follow along a day of her Pacific sailing trip, base jump down a building in Dubai with her, or find out what she has experienced in the cities and countries she visits.

Besides travel diaries, Aggie publishes a video on her YouTube channel every Monday with the purpose of motivating and inspiring her viewers. Amongst other reasons, she uses this category to explain how she integrates traveling into her daily life and how she finances it, which is one of the most commonly asked questions of her followers. With her shared content on YouTube, she motivates people to follow their dreams and ambitions and generally gives lots of advice on how to find yourself. Aggie’s positive and convincing attitude is contagious – after watching her videos, you’ll immediately want to book a flight or start a project you’re passionate about.

Her blog, on the other hand, is used by Aggie to share everything about her travels that could be useful to her readers. She doesn’t only showcase more of her beautiful, staged images – which we already know from her Instagram account – but also real snapshots. Plus, she gives travel advice and recommends hotels and restaurants at all her destinations, turning her blog into an actual travel guide that you can browse through for info before a vacation or city tour.

Aggie is one of the few influencers who share diverse content on each of her channels, offering a real added value to all her target and user groups. Additionally, this gives followers of her channels a reason to go check out her other platforms, as there is something new to discover on each of them. The different use of channels can also be a very great selling point for companies in the travel industry that want to work with her; she can offer detailed hotel information in a blog post, a tour through the hotel resort on her YouTube channel, and an amazing image of the prettiest location on the facilities shared on her Instagram account. These factors turn Aggie into an attractive partner to collaborate with and we can be sure that with the support of brands, hotels, and airlines, she’ll be able to travel even more and let us be part of her adventure through her breathtaking images.


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