There is not much we know about Sasha – the founder of the Instagram accounts From Stardust. Still, with her heartwarming pictures of daughter Ellie, their travels as a family and Sasha’s snapshots from their seemingly calm everyday life, it feels like we’ve known the three-person family forever. Because of that – and especially because of her high-quality pictures of the last years and months – we want to introduce to you Sasha, the 31-year old mom from the United States with Asian roots.

Way back in 2011, Sasha started sharing the first images on her Instagram account. Already then, we got to tag along on the many exciting travels of the young couple Sasha and Richie. Today, this has only changed partially – we still get carried away by their amazing travel photography. But we also got introduced to little Ellie, the two years old daughter of Sasha and her husband, Richie. Mother Sasha manages to take pictures of her girl that will leave a lasting impression. But see for yourselves!

Ellie was born to mother Sasha and father Richie in August 2015. At that point, Sasha has already published on her Instagram account for several years and thankfully proceeds to do so after the birth of her daughter, turning it a little more into a family account with every passing day. Half a year later, Sasha started sharing more regularly on her blog. On her website, Milkyway Picnic, Sasha invites us into some hand-picked parts of her life with Ellie and Richie. Her many detailed travel guides are especially informative, talking about the diverse destinations worldwide the family has traveled to. It is inspiring to see that the couple kept traveling just as much and as far as they did before their daughter was born, as there are just so many exciting places to discover on this planet.

In one of her posts about Hong Kong, Sasha tells us that she used to have an intense artsy phase. Accordingly, the places and sites she shares on all of her platforms usually have a severe cultural meaning and are rich in history. Besides South America, with vlogs and travel diaries from Cuba and Mexico, the Asian continent is a popular destination for the young family. No wonder – Sasha was six years old when her family migrated from China to the USA, leaving her with a strong connection to Asia. She has already explored many renowned big cities, such as Kyoto, Shanghai, Singapore and Hong Kong. If you’re on the lookout for restaurants, places to stay and other travel tips, we can only recommend you take a look at what Sasha has written down for us.

Since about a year, Sasha’s posts on her blog started developing further into the family branch. She still posts many inspiring travel diaries and shows that you can even travel far and big with a toddler. But the number of posts circulating around her daughter and parenthood is increasing. One post that every new parent should read is her résumé about the first year as first-time parents. Furthermore, Sasha is giving advice about how to travel with kids and how to best handle your kids’ tantrums.

Not only did her posts develop during the last months also Sasha’s pictures have gained even more quality and the imagery seems more intense now. The images that Sasha shares with us of her daughter Ellie are heartwarmingly beautiful and pure. They always have an artistic touch, leaving us lost in thoughts. Her rather private photos still leave a little room for our own imagination and tell a story. Which is a quality, not every photographer can achieve with their images.

We hope that Sasha’s account keeps growing and that she will keep on sharing pictures of her sweet little daughter and her traveling family. We’re left with the impression that Sasha wants to show her daughter the world – and that is a goal that we highly appreciate and support.


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